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Corruption? Bankers surveyed 11 people

LJUBLJANA – Investigators of the National Investigation Office (NPU) have criminalized ten known people and one unknown in investigating allegedly bankruptcy acts of bankers. They suspect 11 crimes of donations and donations. One suspect was handed over to an investigating court in the Maribor District Court.

Early in the morning, the General Directorate of the Police (GPU) explained that house searches carried out as part of investigations of allegedly bankruptcy acts of bankers were closed late Tuesday night. 11 detainees were released from custody and one was later handed over to the investigating magistrate.

Over half a million incompatible prices

NPU announced bankruptcy Tuesday in a search house for bankers who allegedly demanded unauthorized rewards for obtaining trades or providing loans. According to the information provided, the amount of all required unauthorized winnings is at least EUR 400,000, but not all required money has been paid.

"Individual bankers demanded an unfair cash reward as a consideration to get a transaction at a certain amount of the stake of a particular transaction," said the director of the NPU on Tuesday Darko Majhenič. Clients requested between 2000 and 170,000 euros. "We are investigating five suspected banks from two banks – one located in Maribor and others in Kranj, but with an office in Maribor," he added.

The employee of Nova KBM was also investigated

On Tuesday, criminal investigators visited Nova KMB, where they collaborated with them and explained to the media that they were themselves informed of the crime, while one of their subjects was their former employee. Similarly, in Lon, where they pointed out that the subject of the inquiry did not concern Lon, the Lona report and her colleagues offer the investigators all the necessary support and assistance to carry out investigations successfully.

Web Evening informed unofficial information that the investigators, among other things, were investigating Maribor Snaga and allegedly the funding of roof renovation at a central bus station run by the company since 2012. Snaga explained that the investigation was unrelated to the performance of their primary activities. Unofficial newspaper information is among the suspected Maribor notaries and four bankers.

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