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Derby Texas Smooth Dallas – Doncic overtakes siren before disruption :: The first interactive multimedia portal MMC RTV Slovenija

Luka Dončić played mainly in the first half. Photo: AP

Russell Westbrook was again the hero of the evening at the Chesapeake Energy Arena. Photo: Reuters

Robert Covington and teammates interrupted Spurs. Photo: Reuters

Minnesota smashed San Antonio

November 29, 2018 at 02:00,
last hit: November 29, 2018 at 04:27
Houston – MMC RTV SLO

Luka Dončička also left the derby mark in Texas. 15 out of 20 points contributed in the first half when the Mavericks overtook Houston. James Harden, triple bin, did not help rockets (108: 128).

At the Toyota Center, fans of Ricky Carlisle enjoyed this season with other home victories with a total of ten victories and nine defeats. Doncic contributed 20 points, six jumps and two deliveries in 24 minutes. After an initial delay of 0: 7, he raised his teammates with two triplets. For the move, the evening took care of the last half-time action when he scored a trio of almost half the pitch over the extended hands of P. J. Tucker. The Preacher is dismantled for 18 points on the Dallas side on vacation.

Houston without a win without Paul
Rockets are just the pale shadow of the team that was in the NBA final in May. In the seventh game Houston lost the West Finals against the Golden State. Chris Paul was missing again. Without a great game organizer they have no game this year. Harden can not do it all alone, this time he scored 25 points, 17 deliveries and 11 rebounds. It was the first triple duo season and 36th in the great MVP career of the regular part of last season.

With 11 defeats at the bottom of the Western Conference. The departure of Trevor Ariza's excellent coach in Phoenix is ​​well known. Coach Mike D'Antoni again has a defense problem.

Dončić responded to the excellent start of the hosts
Rockets started great. P. J. Tucker scored in the first strike after Capele Capele scored 7: 0 and Rick Carlisle made a minute in ppo and 48 seconds of the game, which was very useful. Mavericks responded with two consecutive Donciče shirts from the left corner. Host defense was announced in the first quarter and Mavsa was easily concerned. They took the lead in the middle of the first quarter after putting Wesley Matthews and then just raised it. Dončić scored 10 points in the 8th minute. After the first quarter, guests had eight points (28:36).

Holiday advantage increased to 18 points
At the beginning of the second quarter, Dallas's advantage increased. Maxi Kleber scored two in a row and after 17 minutes the Rockets was in big trouble (36:55). Dončić overtook the siren in the last attack in the first half and hit three times in almost half of the pitch and then celebrated a remarkable match with his teammates and threw himself into the wardrobe. In the break, Mavericks had already scored 18 points (56:74).

Missiles were threatened at the end of the third quarter
The other half started Doncic with a shot and a foul surgery by Clint Chapel. In the third quarter the hosts woke up, Harden defeated and Dallas's advantage was overthrown. After Gordon's basket in the final minute of the third part Houston was only five points behind (89:94) and the audience was louder.

The Harris Trio series confirm the victory of Dallas
The final quarter was decisive when Mavericksi with a 10: 2 partial time score lost 15 points (91: 106) after Troy Devin Harris, which was unstoppable. Of the six trials, he achieved up to three triads and rose to 23 points (97: 120) in the middle of the last quarter. In the last six minutes, the midfielders played on both sides.

Doncic and his teammates will return to Staples on Friday when they have suffered a minimal defeat at the end of October at Lakers.

Westbrook with a 107th triple double kiddie
Oklahoma cleared Cleveland from 100: 83. Russell Westbrook contributed 23 points to 19 rebounds and 15 deliveries. That was his 107th triple twin in his career. In this way, he compared himself to the eternal scale with the legendary Jason Kidd. In front of him is Oscar Robertson (181 Triple Twins) and Magic Johnson (138).

Veteran Corver moves to Utah
Cavaliers only played with Nine because they agreed to replace the Utah player before the match. 37-year-old sniper Kyle Krover moved to Salt Lake City, but Alec Burks arrived in Cleveland. Cavsi won two more rounds in the second round.

Matches in the fields:
Harden 25, 17 throws, 11 rebounds, 6 steals and 8 lost balls in 37 minutes, House, Capela and Ennis after 18, Gordon 17, Tucker and Hartenstein at 5, Chriss 2; Doncic 20 (6/11 from the game, 3/7 for three), 6 reflections, 2 pads and 4 lost balls in 24 minutes, Harris 20 (5/6 in three), Jordan, Barnes and Barea (12 deliveries) , Matthews 11, Smith Jr. 10, Kleber 9, Finney Smith 7, Meyer and Powell after 6.

Lamb 22, Zeller and Walker after 19 years; Young 18.

Embiid 26, 14 jumps and 7 deliveries, Redick 24 (4/6 for three), Simmons 14, 8 hopping and 7 deliveries; Hezonja and Kanter at 17, Dotson 16.

Dinwiddie 18; Mitchell 29, Gobert 23 and 16 rebounds.

Antetokounmpo 36, 11 rebounds and 8 deliveries, Brogdon 24 (6/6 for three), Middleton 17; LaVine and Parker after 24, Arcidiacono 22.

Covington 21 and 9 jumped, cities 16 and 11 rebounds, Rose 16 (4/5 for three), Gibson 13, Okogie 12; Poeltl 14, Pondexter 13.

Holiday 29, Davis 28 and 15 Jumping, Randle 23 and 12 Rebounds; Oubre and Morris after 22.

Westbrook 23 (10/17 games), 19 rebounds and 15 deliveries in 37 minutes, Grant 21, George 18; Clarkson 25, Sexton 21 and 10 jumps.



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