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Scene of battle

Police officers gather for events. Photo: MMC RTV SLO

24-year-old is treated in UKC Ljubljana for serious injuries

November 16, 2018 at 2:58 pm,
last hit: November 16, 2018 at 19:32
Beer – MMC RTV SLO, TV Slovenia

Police officers were informed of the struggle in the village of Selce near Pivka at 14:35, according to the data gathered so far, eight members of the Slovenian Armed Forces (SV) were involved in the fraud.

PU Koper reported that they were moved to Selce near Pivka at night for the fight. A lot of people joined the fight, while 24-year-old Pivčan was taken to UKC Ljubljana for serious injuries.

According to the latest information Television Slovenia Osama members of the Slovenian armed forces were involved in fraud. Owner of the restaurant in Selce Simon Remnant is a journalist Alenka Bevčič told me that the eighth acted incorrectly before the crowd was beaten in the local bar. One of the members of the Slovenian Armed Forces made a knife when leaving the kitchen. When the waitress warned him to call the police, he caught her at the door and threatened to kill her.

"When we closed the bar, some boy waited at the junction, at least I thought I had not seen anyone, he was beaten and gone, and then in half an hour the police came, the boys found blood in the bloodstream" was added by Remnant's owner.

Simon Korez, a spokesman for the public relations army, confirmed that several people took part in the event and then became employed in the Slovenian armed forces. Soldiers were not in uniform, but in civilian clothes, and came to Selce with the official vehicle of Slovenian armed forces. Details are not yet known, so it's too early to talk about how they will act, Korez explained.

The police are constantly gathering about what happened and what happened. The case is considered a crime of bullying and causes serious injury.

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