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Glass and phone covers are better choices than insurance!

You bought a new mobile phone you chose for a long time, you deducted a few hundred pounds for it, gathered information from all your friends, and read through the expert opinions that you finally found the best option for you. But have you forgotten something that is extremely important? Yes, you are right, I mean exactly to protect.

If you purchased a new cell phone, then it is definitely right to take care of, for example, with phone covers, tempered glass or etui. You can still be very careful, lay them carefully, and then forget to hurry that you have a phone in your pocket, fall out of your pocket because of all the rush, almost as a rule, just on the edge and directly to the pebble. Nothing will help you if you look only at what has destroyed everything. External damage is usually the least of a problem. Do you know that cell phones are like small laptops, but do not you think you would fall to the ground? Therefore, when buying a new mobile phone, you should also make sure that it is protected. Covers of telephones with tempered glass are the best choice.

Why do you still have phone covers if your phone is already secure?

It is often a question of listening to the fact that they have bought a phone that already has the necessary protection that is robust, which is made of material so as not to be immediately damaged, is made of gorilla glass, etc. Have you ever watched the fall tests and how bad phones are these falls to carry? One meter is enough for your iPhone to have such a good glass and the back side to break well, the glass is completely splashed like a spider web and such a phone is no longer in use. But change the glass, be careful, it's not possible with some manufacturers, or it can become new glass just like the new phone. That's why iPhone covers are also essential, like Huawei covers and Samsung covers.

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The injuries are clear

Because in most cases the following injuries occur: screen scratches, liquid waste, land and stairs, and very interesting, but really 20% injuries are at the expense of dropping the phone into the toilet bowl, it is a wound that they can be "deadly" for your phone.

Therefore, when purchasing a new phone, do not hesitate to purchase a security service, but obtain it in advance or at the latest when you purchase your phone.

For you, we have a brief overview of what kind of protection is best, so let's look at the results.

Phone covers are good only with safety glass

Smartslam | Author: Smartslam


Since we know that new phones need to be protected both at the edges, on the back and on the front, it is clear that only the phone covers will not provide adequate protection. Phone covers are good for side edges and backs while the screen remains completely unprotected. To protect the screen, you should also opt for toughened glass – do not use foil, because it offers protection only against small scratches but no deeper scratches.

Which phone cover should be selected in the offer set? If you really want to have good protection, choose Ringke or Spiegen. If you have few options, check out the Smartslam website at, where you can find a lot. Otherwise, the phone cover of these two manufacturers is a bit more robust but truly exceptional. Last but not least, they have a slightly higher edge above the screen, so the screen is also protected against flats on the front of the phone.

Of course, you can also decide on cheaper variants in terms of TPU covers, but do not expect the same high quality protection. But the difference in price is also noticeable, so we miss better from worse you almost can not.

Tempered glass is also required with phone covers

This glass appeared just 5 years ago and has been kept up to date, despite the uncertainties of the start. There is also a wide choice of options here, but you do not have much to see. Be careful only, The glass should be all over the surface of the screen, but do not have an unprotected edge on the side because, as we have already mentioned, the phones most often fall on the edges.

If you buy the glass and cover the phone separately, then be careful to fit the edges, but do not cover the glass. It is best to buy a glass and a telephone jacket with the same vendor, who should advise you which is the best choice.

Finally, insurance the phone

Despite the fact that various insurers offer several years of insurance for some mobile operators, we can certainly say that insurance has not been fully realized. Have you ever wondered how much you will pay for insurance at two, three years, and what in return for the insurance benefit you get?

Do you think to pay insurance 3, 4 or even 5 years? Do you know how much you pay? The amount of the insurance amount is adjusted according to the value of the phone, which is in many cases expensive phones and with the above time frame represents the fact that you will pay again the phone. However, if there is any damage, you also have a problem with the insurance company that will be "classically complicated" and if you want something from him, you get some wrinkles. Subscription declines over the years, and despite the fact that these are relatively small monthly amounts, they are no longer small on an annual basis.

Insurance is completely insignificant compared to phone covers!

Even if we look only at the price of insurance compared to the best phone covers together with the best glasses, we see that insurance is extremely expensive. In addition, the purpose of protection in these two options is completely contradictory: the phone covers the protective glass with preventive protection against damage and the insurance on the other hand is designed to remove injuries.

As we know, it is most important for you to have your phone all the time, so you do not have to deal with the insurance company even with a phone that has its own hidden traps in their business practice that they catch fast. Preference is given to preventive rather than healing and you already buy it if you do not already have it. As our retailers are big, we've quickly explored the offer of these products, and we've found them among the top quality in Smartslam, where they're always worried that they only offer the best-rated, top-quality and best covers and all other facilities. Samsung and Huawei covers all other brands of phones.

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