Live: crazy start to the match, what’s going on in the People’s Garden?

Olimpija drew 1: 1 in the 16th round of the first league of Telekom Slovenije in Celje. Maribor currently hosts the last placed Gorica in the last match of the round. If he wins, he will return to the top, which occupied Mura on Saturday with a 2: 1 victory in Kidričevo. On Saturday we also saw a draw between Koper and Domžale, while Sunday’s match between Bravo and Sežana was postponed to rain.

Mauro Camoranesi chases a new victory with Maribor, which will take care of repairing the wound that the Maribor team suffered by defeating in the derby in Ljubljana on Thursday.

Mauro Camoranesi chases a new victory with Maribor, which will take care of repairing the wound that the Maribor team suffered by defeating in the derby in Ljubljana on Thursday.
Photo: Blaž Weindorfer / Sportida

Maribor: Gorica 1: 1 * (- 🙂

8th minute: crazy start to the match in the People’s Garden. Maribor could score for the second time only a minute after the equalizer. He fired Jasmin Mešanovićwho sent the ball behind the goal.

GOOOOL !!! He was in action again Aljoša Matko, after a nice pass Renej Mihelič he was in the 7th minute in front of the opponent’s goal and this time he routinely scored. He reached his fifth league goal of the season.

4th minute: there was not much missing and Maribor quickly came to an agreement. He fired Aljoša Matkobut young goalkeeper Gorice proved to be a defender Uroš Likar.

GOOOL !!! Shock for Maribor right at the beginning of the match. Gorizia was led by a former Maribor striker Etienne the Great, who played the captain of the purple team in the 3rd minute Alex Pihler and routinely defeated the Maribor goalkeeper Ažbeta too.

BEGINNING OF THE MATCH! It started in the People’s Garden. Maribor coach Mauro Camoranesi he was a little surprised by the basic line-up, in which he included the former football player Gorice for the second time from the first minute this season Andrej Kotnikand for the first time he was among the first eleven René Mihelič.

Before the match:

Maribor may keep first place after the 16th round, but will have to defend his role as the favorite in the match with Gorica. In Ljubljana Moorish Kamoran not everything turned out as desired. After the match, the purple strategist explained that the winner was decided by the higher efficiency of the Olympia attackers. They missed the best opportunities in Maribor Jasmin Mešanović in Rock Kronaveter. Will they be more accurate against Gorizia, who desperately needs points in the struggle for survival as she tries to make connections with her neighbors on the scale?

” Derby is a derby and requires quality performance in every way. When we analyzed our own performance, we did not play the best. But not as “bad” as it seems. It is now important to focus fully on Sunday’s match. It is not necessary to potentiate the whole event in a negative direction, because there were enough positive questions, because otherwise I cannot imagine that we could be the first in scale and what can be the capital of the autumn goal. Boys have proven so many times that they know how to get out of different situations. With the help of all the members of the club and the support of the fans, which counts, even if they are not in the stands, we are definitely entering these last four matches in 2020, ” said the sports director. Oliver Bogatinov.

Maribor will chase the jubilee tenth victory over Gorizia. The series is exceptional, Maribor defeated an old acquaintance in the 1st SNL nine times in a row and the difference in goals is 30: 3. It will be their 99th match in the period of independent Slovenia. They didn’t just meet last season, when the Roses fell into the second division. They don’t want to go back there, so after a bad start to the season, they strengthened the team with a returnee. Among them are also three who once played in Maribor. These are Goran Cvijanovic, Etienne Velikonja in Nejc Mevljawho will not lack further motivation and experience.

“It was undoubtedly a painful defeat for Maribor, so the match against Gorica will be very important for them from the point of view. It may be our opportunity to take something from this match,” predicts the 17-year-old wing before one of the toughest matches out there. Tjaš Begić. According to him, roses have the greatest difficulty in drawing attacks and conclusions. He is convinced that it will improve soon, the team only needs to gain trust. Success in the People’s Garden would certainly lift her …

The attacking duo Olimpija, formed by Andres Vombergar and Djordje Ivanović, also proved its worth in Celje, but that was not enough for the Ljubljana team to win.

The attacking duo Olimpija, formed by Andres Vombergar and Djordje Ivanović, also proved its worth in Celje, but that was not enough for the Ljubljana team to win.
Photo: Grega Valančič / Sportida

Olympia was close to another large scalp in three days

After more than three months, Olimpija played in Celje again. Julija drew 2: 2 here and remained without the title of champion, who went into the hands of Celje for the first time in history, but this time in Celje she remained without a victory, which would put her at the top of the table for at least three hours. Olimpija also missed the opportunity to get another big scalp in just three days after winning the derby against Maribor in three days.

Until the 86th minute, it seemed that the Ljubljana team, which this time was not led from the bench by a punished coach Dino Skender, came at full speed and then Celje, who this time was not a coach due to a coronavirus infection Dusan Kosic, came to light for the first time after two defeats.

In the 27th minute, Olimpiji took the lead with the sixth championship goal in the last eight matches Andres Vombergarwho took advantage of the confusion in the defense of Celje. Celje played much better in the second half and in the 86th minute after a great solo action Mica Kuzmanovic there has been a settlement.

Miće Kuzmanović’s equalizer in Celje:

NK Bravo NK Celje


The winners have just avoided their third defeat in a row

The match in Ljubljana was washed away by rain

“Due to the flooded course, today’s match between Brave and Tábor was canceled. The new date will be announced later,” said the organizers of the competition only 15 minutes before the planned start between Brave and Tábor, which should take place at Sunday lunch at ZŠD Ljubljana in Spodnja. Shishki, but adverse weather conditions ensured that this did not happen.

What is today’s playground in Spodnja Šiška?

It is interesting that both clubs are already behind with the matches they have played, because so far they have played only 14 matches.

Young Kai Cipot brought Mura a victory in Kidrichev, with whom she jumped to the top for at least one day.

Young Kai Cipot brought Mura a victory in Kidrichev, with whom she jumped to the top for at least one day.
Photo: Grega Valančič / Sportida

After turning, Mura jumped to the top of the ladder

Mura spent the night at the top of the championship table on Sunday, when he overtook Olimpija and Maribor after the victory in Kidričevo.

Protege Anteja Šimundže after the first half in Aluminum, which is the penultimate, it did not look good. They were 0: 1 behind after punishing Muro’s defense in the 20th minute Alen Krajnc, but otherwise the Aluminum footballers were a better opponent.

Kaije Cipota’s winning goal:

During the half, the Prekmurje team obviously joined forces and in the next 45 and a few minutes showed a completely different face. After less than 15 minutes of the second half, Mura took the lead and, as it turned out later, he also won, because then we did not see any further changes in Kidrič’s result.

He first equalized 1: 1 with the fifth championship goal of the season in the 51st minute Luka Bobičanecand eight minutes later he hit another young man Kai Cipot and set the final result.

Mura Koper


Mura showed her teeth in the second half and achieved the expected victory

The joy of the Domžale footballers after Gregor Sikošek's championship goal in the first half

The joy of the Domžale footballers after Gregor Sikošek’s championship goal in the first half
Photo: Vid Ponikvar / Sportida

Rajčević in a draw in Domžala, where we saw a great goal

In the first match of the round, the Domžale footballers scored a championship goal Gregor Sikošek, who managed to reach his career goal in the 21st minute, led most of the match against Koper and then the veterans in the ranks of Koper, passers-by Dare Vršič and shooter Aleksander Rajcevictook care of the draw around the corner at the end of the match. This was the first goal of an experienced Slovenian defender, who returned to Bonifika in the summer after ten years in Maribor.

The main goal of Gregor Sikošek in Domžale:

At the very end of the match, in the 93rd minute, Koper even had a chance to win, Domžale was the header in front of the goal. Nardin Mulahusejnović, but currently the top scorer of the Slovenian championship did not work and sent the ball behind the goal.

NK Domžale, NK Koper, December 2020


Rajčević prevented Sikošek’s career goal from deciding the winner

First League Telekom Slovenije, Round 16:

Saturday, December 5:
Domžale: Koper 1: 1 (1: 0)
Sikošek 21; Rajcevic 83.

Aluminium: Mura 1: 2 (1: 0)
Krajnc 20 .; Bobičanec 51., Cipot 59.

Sunday, December 6:
Celje: Olympic 1: 1 (0: 1)
Kuzmanović 86; Vombergar 27.

17.15 Maribor – Gorica

Bravo – Tábor *

* – the match was canceled due to a flooded field. The new date will be announced later.

Top shooters:

8 – Djordje Ivanovic (Olimpija), Nardin Mulahusejnovic (Koper),
6 – Dario Kolobarić (Domžale), Rok Kronaveter (Maribor), Andres Vombergar (Olimpija)
5 – Luka Bobičanec (Mura),
4 Filip Dangubić (Celje), Nino Kouter (Mura), Aljoša Matko (Maribor), Rudi Požeg Vancaš (Maribor), Christos Rovas (Tabor Sežana), Dare Vršič (Koper), Žan Žužek (Koper)

Match reports:

Video match summaries:

Domzale: Koper 1: 1

Aluminum: Mura 1: 2

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Domžale: Koper (photo Vid Ponikvar / Sportida):


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