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More damage caused by an explosion in a known bakery

GROSUPLJE – Reports for protection and rescue report fire in buildings, higher buildings in Grosuplje. They wrote it on 14.04.

According to our information, exploded in the famous Grosuplje Pekarna on Firefly Road 2 and more people were injured. According to the reader's information, there was a gas error because it was to escape somewhere.

A significant explosion occurred shortly after 14 hours. PHOTO: Reader Borut

According to the first data from the police headquarters in Ljubljana, seven people were injured, allegedly suffered minor injuries and were not threatened. Other employees in the production were evacuated from the facility. Finally, there are rescue services that carry out their activities.

Due to the scale and complexity of the visit and the creation of working conditions, the tour will take place tomorrow at the day, police said. The cause of the explosion is expected after the inspection. The police will provide the venue for the event and will continue with the necessary measures.

Grosuplje Bakery is one of the largest domestic bakeries, because the annual bread volume is measured in millions of kilograms. It produces over fifty kinds of bread and pastries and twelve fine pastries. It employs about 200 people.

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