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On the way to Ljubelj, a huge rock warns you not to cross jail

PODLJUBELJ – Predictions There were rainfall, the way through our highest Vršičská road and Korensko saddle are closed due to winter conditions.

Snow conditions on the way to Korenica saddle FOTO: Dars

Snow conditions are also present at some other crossings in Gorenjska.

Rock on the road towards Ljubelj

There is also a prison in the last tunnel to Ljubelj due to a stone slide on the left.

On this side, above the road, Born's way leads to Preval, said Kranj.

Police recommend caution

There is the possibility of additional climbing, so the police do not recommend accessing the area on foot or by vehicles.

Don't go through jail
The road to Ljubelja remains closed. There is still a risk of rocking from the surrounding walls and scrubbing over the last tunnel, on the road, which is severely damaged on the shorter section, there are still large rocks.

For the time being, only small stones have been removed from the road so that a narrow passage is temporarily created for the vehicles left of the avalanche of stones. At the same time, the competent authorities provided field monitoring to ensure the safe passage of about 30 vehicles and vans. Swing is heard all the time in this area, so the police will ask everyone not to go through prisons (not on foot or even with vehicles) and not to stay on campus because it is dangerous.

Landslide on the way to the Ljubelj border crossing. PHOTO: JOSE, Reader Reader

The road on both sides of the border remains closed until further notice

In addition to the police, firefighters from Podljubelj and Bistrica pri Tržič and Civic Protection City Tržič intervened in the area. The local population will be subject to a special mode of transit through a dangerous area that will be coordinated with PGD Podljubelj, which is also the main contact point for this activity.

In the coming days, an estimate of the situation and coordination of activities among those responsible for the future is expected. The journey from both sides of the border will remain closed until further notice. Shop at Ljubelj is closed. According to our data, there are no people in mountain habitats. The police will carry out more frequent checks in this area.

As the reader told us Jose, in the rock cavity, fortunately there were no casualties, though "at the time, this path and the border crossing are burdened enough".

According to the State Road Traffic Information Center, winter equipment is compulsory on roads in Gorenjska and on the road through Predel.

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