Our first night player waited for eight years with his wife

Sustainability at the wedding? Some couples have been waiting for their first relationship for several years.

In their Tednik show, three of their sausages recently unveiled their sustainability stories until their wedding, including the actor, director and comedian

Gregor Cusin

. With wife


have been waiting for a sexual relationship marriage for eight years. They lived together before the wedding but only exchanged visas. He met a woman with 25 years in high school, now has six children.

"I was never afraid to be disappointed,"

he said of the possible fear of the first relationship.

Anal sex

He did!


This month, the Slovenians are intensely conveying passion

"Our relationship, the physical relationship, is the relationship you most likely know God. As God gives us, we are one to one another, that is, our marriage bed is the same as the altar in the church, though it sounds too eager, but more and more sensual, "

Gregor believed Tednik's journalists. They lived together with their wife before the wedding, but as a brother and sister they talked a lot. Though he could not see naked before the wedding.

"The strength of the relationship we have set before the wedding is still the foundation of our family balance,"

are convinced.



How long does it take for an erotic relationship with a new partner to become clearer?

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