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PHOTO: "We meet tragedies and happy stories"

Celje – "This is the heart of the hospital, the most treatments are here, we always walk through the knife tips, many die, we are confronted with tragedies and happy stories," said Professor Professor Chief at the 40th Anniversary of the Independent Internal Medicine Department. dr. Matej Podbregar. Today, there are eleven hospital beds with an annual treatment of 400-450 patients. Unfortunately, 20 to 24 percent of them die.

"We work hard but sometimes we can not help, you have to learn to accept it, it can not be," said one of the nurses under the direction of the chief nurse Darja Podsedenšek. As they wrote on the anniversary, the department's work is largely based on nurses working in three shifts, almost 80% of sisters: "Nurses must handle virtually all kinds of controls, but they do not observe and control only the physiological but also the mental state of the patients. Patient nurses spend most of their time, so they often change first and only. They need to have a lot of knowledge, experience and ability to act quickly and appropriately at a given time. "

Former Head of Prim. prof. dr. Gorazd Voga stressed the importance of a good team. PHOTO: Kuralt / Delo

Patients in-law were known to have an intensive stretch in the 1960s. As the former head said, he did this work until July of this year, cf. prof. dr. Gorazd Voga, they quickly found that it was not enough: "They decided to be an independent unit, which was the first independent unit for Ljubljana in Slovenia." As Vogue wrote, other physicians also went to this department: "We all have been educated at the Intensive Care Center in Ljubljana, which has also continuously supported the department with invaluable professional organizational support."

Head of Department prof. dr. Matej Podbregar says that this department is the heart of the hospital. PHOTO: Kuralt / Delo

They have emphasized the importance of education all the time, and, as Podbregar said, it is their advantage: "We have a lot of specialists in intensive medicine, a unique thing in Slovenia. centers in Ljubljana and Maribor. "Both clinics want to bring funding closer to Celje, Podbregar said:" It will work with patients for better quality and faster professional development. "

They all emphasized the importance of the team, which, as it is said in the hospital, is unique in this department. There are seven doctors and 26 nurses. "This department is a crossroads of the hospital and one of the bases that we can do in this way." The key is staff, a department that cooperates as one, space, equipment to buy, people and relationships, "concluded the director of Celje Hospital Franci Vindišar.

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