Providing a perfect look for your car at OMV – Interesting

Car washing is something to do at least once a month. In this way, we remove all dirt and other substances from the car, which could cause serious damage to the automobile color, which in turn causes it to light up. Although it seems appropriate for cars to be tracked only in summer, it is even more important for salt and other road traffic to wash cars in the winter. The solution is for the company OMV Slovenia.

OMV offers a wide network of modern automated car washes in Slovenia Top Wash, which on the one hand ensures high-quality vehicle cleaning and, on the other hand, long-term protection of car color and chassis. In this way, you will be able to take care of damage and rust. At the same time, you will do something good for nature. Although Top Wash uses water for its activity, it's just that up to 80% recycled water, and chemicals added to the environment are harmless.

Even inside

OMV also knows that the internal appearance of the vehicle is at least as important as the outside. For this purpose, the washing machine network has been equipped with new vacuum cleaners, which is twice as strong with a narrower and more flexible tube as well as easier to use.

The latest in the OMV car wash is newly owned by the gas station Koper Bonifikawhich can wash up to 60 cars per hour. You can use the new device from November to November, just like anywhere else in the network. Every sixth wash will be free, which is just another reason to make sure your car looks.

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