Qualcomm has to license patents at @ Slo-Tech

Slo-Tech – In proceedings brought by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed in 2017 against Qualcomm, the court has previously ordered Qualcomm to license its patents to its competitors. This must be done with regard to patents that are necessary to ensure standard functionality, especially for connection chips (modem chip) of smartphones. The FTC and Qualcomm have asked the 30-day delay courts to find a common language and settle down, but Judge Lucy Kohová refused. The main hearing will be next year.

Qualcomm has many problems recently. A year ago, Taiwan was fined $ 774 million, the EU sanctioned it for $ 997 million this year, China invested $ 975 million and South Korea $ 854 million. In addition, she is involved in Apple's lawsuit in the United States, as Apple is complaining about patent infringement. He also had to settle with Huawei and BlackBerry.

Next year, the court will decide whether Qualcomm's patent policy is discriminatory. The company also makes chips, which is why licensing is often conditional on exclusive purchase of chips. For example, the Apple-Qualcomm dispute costs $ 7 billion. Apple claims Qualcomm's practice is illegal, and Qualcomm apologizes for Apple patent infringement.

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