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Rodit was drunk

This month, an American player celebrated a day he thought he would never be able to meet him. Your child's birthday. Although it is John Stamos For many years in a quiet crib on his offspring, two years ago, when he counted 53, he was almost certain that the child was not intended despite his desire. But then his belly picked him up Caitlin McHugh But he began to beat his seed and lovers greeted the baby girl in April last year Billy. A few days ago, he had already helped him breathe his first birthday cake candle. At the celebration, in the first weeks of Billy's life, thoughts of John and Caitlin took place, when the feelings of blessed happiness trembled with fear. "Every time he fell asleep, we went to his bed for a minute to see if

instagram He looked at the funny Full House series.

"Their friend has been seen too early in the world for six weeks. “It was terrible because it was not fully developed and prepared for the world. He was so small.

When his beloved autumn fall entrusted him with a child under his heart, Stamos jerked with joy. A similar joy was the day the boy decided to come into the world. “I'll never forget that day. It all started when Caitlin got a chance, but the doctor then dismissed us and said it was too early and that the baby wasn't on the road. He even suggested returning home and taking a glass of wine. "Caitlin did not touch her during her pregnancy, but on that day she obeyed the doctor's advice. "You haven't even sipped for eight months. Then she drank one glass and was completely drunk, "said John, but Caitlin did not attack his words. "It was funny. That was when I had to go to the maternity hospital, I was there

instagram They were happy to celebrate Billy's first birthday.

I said I had some wine, so we're talking. Then they got an epidural and I couldn't and couldn't stop laughing. "She was too moody, but when she first placed her newborn baby on her chest, she squeezed it painfully. “He was too small. So small and fragile.

Master of redundancy
Even though his son had given him a wish, the actor poured out pure wine before Billy arrived. "I'm not going to change my diaper!" Then he shook his word. Moreover, it is a natural talent for changing dirty diapers.

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