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She waited for a date but got a basket

Gašper Hafner invited Karin to date, but to get a job from her. The idea did not grow to the inhabitants of the land hero who did it with a heavy heart. It is also difficult for Brother Jake who wants coexistence among his chosen, but there is too much competition between them.

Possible! Gašper's girlfriend gets a bag of dreams

Mom Carmen wanted to fix her first impression and praised Gashper's girlfriend: "You're all phenomenal, you're all unique and I'm really glad you came to our farm"She wondered what opinion they had on Gasper, and her grandchildren would also like to." Anna has the right to her older son. ”Karmen:Karin is something in between, and Patricia also found herself too calm, maybe too serious, but too gentle for our Gashper."She said she and her husband were expecting a wedding for which they would pay. Finally, they embraced and the girls were crying.

Mommy Carmen loved Gashper's favorites and vice versa.PHOTO: POP TV

Finally, Anja speaks, but Jake didn't want to hear anything

Yak was just invited to Anje, but confirmed that she was a competitor among the chosen, and then surprised him by saying that Saska had shown her the right face, and of course Yak was frightened by the ears. Anja: "She can't push me into shit."She explained she didn't talk to her because she"It's funny"Jake promised to change and open up, he would be more communicative." Jake concluded that the date was better than he expected.

Anja opened it and surprised her with criticism at the expense of her favoritePHOTO: POP TV

His arrival surprised Alexander

Then Alexander arrived at Hafner's farm, which Gašper had sent with a quick dating. Tanja sent her to talk to him, but she also had mixed feelings. He also thought that his three chosen men were a little offended. Otherwise they agreed with Aleksandra that they would be worn by the nose, but later wondering if the date she won was a joke.

Ana did not seem most pleased with the arrival of the beautiful AlexandraPHOTO: POP TV

Jože completely changes his mind about Jadranka

Jadranka, as she promised, beautifully arranged Joža. He liked the cooking profession, but she thought she would have to get 10 pounds, but she would be right for her. He was somewhat less impressed by the claim that bedding activities would be the last but he finally admitted that he changed his mind that he felt.serious, unique"He did not owe him and flattered him, saying that"good man, seductive, romantic, fantastic".

Jadranka and Jože started warming each otherPHOTO: POP TV

Alexandra reveals her intentions, Gashper is heavy

Alexander soon told Gašper that he would be his psychotherapist and that Tanja would send her. When asked if he trusted him, he replied:You, even if I do not have such serious mental disorders."But he decided he wouldn't get another choice because he had a tough decision without it." He learned that he should invite a girl he wanted to exclude on a date, making his heart difficult because he didn't want to be affected. None of them, in order to facilitate his decision, advised him Alexandra, who pointed out Anna as much as possible.

Aleksandra didn't bring good newsPHOTO: POP TV

They fought for Jake

Jake picked up the girls and cleaned himself up. Sasha said she had enough insanity and intrigue, and Anya decided to talk:Yes, but not only on our part, there was something with you"Saska accused her of lying about her years, and Saska protected her in testimonies she couldn't ask for.I can go now, but I will resign tomorrow, but I will continue to crawl because they will eat."Teja didn't believe she was serious, because she had more opportunities, but she didn't. She said them in a sober tone and wanted coexistence.

Saxony was angry with the competitionPHOTO: POP TV

Teja noticed that Yak was protected by Saska, and when they left alone, they had her teeth. Anja guessed that Jake ran "hard mines"She looks binary and by no means suitable for Jake, but the country's hero has already asked Sasha to show her her feelings and tell her that she will follow her when she leaves."

Anja and Teja had a dumpPHOTO: POP TV

Farewell to Karin

Gašper approached Karin with a heavy heart and invited her to date, which meant he would go home. Meanwhile, Ana and Patricia found out that he liked Karin very much.

Karin was surprised that Gasper had invited her out again.PHOTO: POP TV

Darinka is critical for Rome and Juliet

In Kotlja, Joze and Mary introduced Romeo and Juliet, who arranged a little in their own way. Darinka seemed to be performing better and the main players could learn more from the text.

Romeo and Juliet at homePHOTO: POP TV

Gashper is Karin more shocked than to say goodbye

Gashper, Karin has improved himself to be cute and cute, adding that he doesn't want to slip under his skin. She found out that she had invited her out to give her a basket. He explained that he would not get what he deserved. Karin didn't mind him and she was expecting a basket. She thanked him for a pleasant experience and for courage because she wrote to him. She went with mixed feelings.

Gashper had a very heavy heart when he had to say goodbye to Karin.PHOTO: POP TV

Next time Miha Božič will enjoy this date, Darjin Nejc gets a slap and Jake in bold. One of his elected ones will apparently leave him, but his mother will put him on the heart if she likes to find her. Don't miss out on POP TV on Friday at 8 pm or the day before in VOYO.

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