Sony wh-1000mx4: their very name is unattractive

The new premium in-ear headphones Sony wh-1000mx4 are hardly different from their predecessors wh-1000mx3. Both colors of the models (silver and black) remained the same, with the same copper details. As the owner of the wh-1000mx3, we often looked confused during the test of this year’s version, which headphones on the cabinet are actually new. Upon closer examination, it is apparent that the company has slightly updated the shape of the cushions of the headphones, which are very comfortable to wear. Especially when it’s not hot. In addition, they are separated by a very small inscription wh-1000mx4 on a plastic plate at the bottom of the head arch. However, the new sensor in the left earpiece is more visible, which detects when you have headphones on and turns off the music when you have the headphones turned off.

The headphones continue to be controlled by touches or gestures on the surface of the right earpiece. You can continue to switch music, rotate up or down, answer calls, or turn off external noise cancellation and turn on ambient sound when you’re talking to someone or want to listen to what’s going on outside of your technology-generated peace bubble. Again, we will be impressed by the easy first connection or acquaintance with the headphones and mobile phone via NFC contact. Simply rest your mobile phone on the NFC logo, the devices are recognized, you feel the vibrations and the phone tells you that the wireless dating process is complete. It should have all the headphones as well as all other devices with bluetooth connection.

They recognize speech and stop music

One of the most significant innovations of the headphones is the new “talk and chat” function. With five built-in microphones, it detects when you start speaking, automatically stops playing music, and starts emitting ambient sound. Music playback continues for 30 seconds after the call is completed, the time frame can be adjusted in the Sony headphone app. This feature is very useful when you have your hands full and you can’t take off your headphones, but in practice it works very well. Although we noticed that the device sometimes even recognized when someone else was talking to us and stopped the music. This can be an advantage, but also annoying. It can also be a disruptive feature for people who talk to each other often. In that case, it may be better to rule it out.

Another novelty is an improved hands-free experience. The voice is clearer now than in the trio, but it can be a bit robotic. But it probably won’t matter. Another important innovation is the possibility of simultaneous bluetooth connection of headphones with two devices, which allows fast switching. However, we still lack water resistance. It is a pity that the usb-c input, which is used to charge headphones, does not support audio transmission. For example, this would allow you to listen to and charge the headphones at the same time while connected to a computer. The headphones have a separate input for wired audio connection to other devices.

Excellent sound quality

In terms of sound, these are high-end headphones that support high-definition audio, and Sony’s LDAC codec also contributes to higher quality. Unfortunately, this does not work if we have headphones connected to two devices at the same time. Among the innovations is the support of 360-degree sound, which we unfortunately were not able to fully test. This service is not supported by many music services and we are not subscribers to them. It was also difficult to test Sony’s claim of better control panel resistance to cold because temperatures were not yet low enough during the test. The same goes for recognizing our common locations and adapting the sound to the circumstances. Today, our movement is relatively limited.

The elimination of noise in the environment is also at a very high level. It depends a bit on the sealing of the headphones, but the vast majority of noise is very well eliminated or at least reduced to an inconspicuous level. However, it is difficult to say what progress has been made compared to the troika. These were already at a high level and the new headphones are no worse. The battery is also very good. Sony promises up to 30 hours of use, with noise cancellation and LDAC codec turned on and the volume turned lower, and you should still print two music listening jobs. All of the above also requires a price – around 380 euros.

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