The advantage of this government is that we are two of her former prime ministers

Chairman of the party Alenka Bratušek, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure.

SirOsama Bratuška, it was at the beginning of the week, when it was clear that Prime Minister Shares demanded your Minister Bandelli's resignation, but also the scenario of leaving your party at the coalition at the table?

"Although the media writes that we have long defended our minister, this is not true, we practically acted immediately. Last Thursday was the highest coalition, where the problem of Bandelli was not mentioned, but on Sunday everything on Sunday the Prime Minister called me and asked me only one question: What do we do with Bandelli now? My suggestion was to speak to each other and to familiarize myself with the arguments of the other party of the Prime Minister. I am sorry that the Prime Minister has chosen a different way and a protocol of cooperation, what is the fact that he asked what we asked. We said that what Marko wrote was wrong. Marko apologized for this, took his responsibility for his actions, and resigned, and I can confirm that in our party we were in charge and even more members, demands to leave the coalition, mainly because of the way the prime minister grew up, which was absolutely bad, so it does not work. "

The first female head of government
Alice Bratušek was the first woman to lead the government in separate Slovenia. More than a member of the Slovenian troika, which has decided to rehabilitate the Slovenian banking system in 2013, is known for its high political mileage with the authoritarian Zoran Jankovic and even more with its unsuccessful candidate for the European commissioner. Bratušková is also the only female political top class student in Slovenian politics.

Perhaps you were aware that Bandelli's tightening, which had no political or public support, was nowhere to be a political suicide?

Bandelli has taken responsibility and resigned, and now we are right to expect all other officials to do the same if problems arise. I told the leaders of the coalition parties clearly. "

Who will propose you instead of Bandelli?

"When we proposed Bandelli, he was not the only candidate. Of course, the executive committee will ultimately decide who will be able to perform this function properly because there are relatively few problems in the head." One of the Prime Minister's reasons for dismissal is that the service The Department, led by Bandellie, is very much concerned with this report – the report is at risk of € 170 million, the report will be prepared in the two weeks for which it will be appointed and the last name will be held responsible for the situation. "

The name Mashi Kociper, your close associates, is always on the table for Bandelli's successor.

"Mrs. Kociper would be an excellent minister in the legal field and played an important role in the National Assembly as leader of the party's party."

The first minister of the new government that has fallen is yours. Is your position in the government weakened? Prime Minister Sharec said sharp criticism at the expense of Bandelli and the way he worked for SAB.

"If Mr. Šarec thinks that we are a non-constructive part of the coalition or no longer needs it, we will have to say that simply if we do not first deal with personal interests, but things that we have to regulate in our country for people, we are constantly referring to coalition commitments and we will continue to do so.We sat in a thorough session together when we wrote a coalition agreement, requested some written things and would not leave it either politically or populistic but because the people who served for 40 years gained a pension and it must now be sufficient to survive, and we will insist on leaving the coalition. "

The dismissal of the disputed state secretary, Damir Črnčec, accused the Prime Minister of Sharca, in the case of Bandelli or earlier?

"Mr. Sharec has left this appointment on his shoulder, and we emphasize that he must have the same criteria and criteria for everyone, whether ethics, morals or communication values." Mr. Šarec himself explains to the public why Blackman is better suited to remain a state secretary, like Bandelli, who can not remain a minister. "

At the beginning of your mandate, were you satisfied with the explanation for Black and its role?

"No, I was not nominated, but by clarification, I would say we did not know about his proposal." Before the first government meeting, when other state secretaries were appointed, no one ever told us. The name of the blacksmith appeared at the very first session, even today, I regret not expressing my reservation at the meeting of the government. I honestly did not find it appropriate to start the government in the first session if today it was a government meeting,. "

What is the relationship between you and Mr. Sarca? How do you see it as a premiere? You were alone on this site years ago, and you seem to be looking at sponsorship to deny his competence.

"The fact that we are two former prime ministers in the government is the advantage of this government and the experience definitely adds value." On Wednesday, our party met with the Prime Minister on the question of budgetary balance, which was very constructive and I was very pleased. It has happened so that it will not be an obstacle for further work. The fact is that my experience since the time of the government's leadership and maybe even more as the director of the budget directorate is my great advantage. If anyone worries, it's the other side, not me, the budget does not have to study days and nights to find out what's in it. I need a quick overview so I can talk about numbers and content. , which are for the policy being addressed in the short term, the budget is understood primarily as a figure, which is not true. Numbers are written but the content you need to know is important for understanding the numbers. "

It is precisely because of my knowledge, experience and knowledge of the problem that we have proposed to take over the coordination of the three departments – Finance, Social and Health as Deputy Prime Minister. In my opinion, it would make it very easy for the Prime Minister to work

Another former Prime Minister Miro Cerar, in an interview with our daily newspaper, said that during this period, he would work to consolidate the three middle liberal parties, SMC, LMS and SAB. From what is still visible, will it be difficult?

"There are a couple of words, the next steps: Our proposal before this year's local elections, both SMC and LMŠ, was that in which we unite powers, but we received a negative response from both parties, not only to speak, but to do so, what we are doing, we are not an obstacle, in any way. "

So you gave some testing initiative?

Yes, both sides, it would be very reasonable to have such cooperation because all three parties are relatively young, no one has candidates, so overall performance would be very meaningful, unanswered, the answer of both parties was that our proposal was above all to go to the elections in Ljubljana, to show that we can work together and that we are able to act. "

This would mean that the negotiation of a common list of three sides for the European elections that is actually in front of the door and the will of the ALDE leadership is that the liberal parties should act together, very hard and the outcome uncertain?

"I hope I have said quite clearly that we will not defend this way. We are even the initiators of this arrangement, but that will not be easy, we have to know."

Will the staffing of a common list be a major bite?

"We always have a compromise, we know which side we have at present." The local elections in which we tried to cooperate do not dissuade us, but they do not make us very optimistic. "

We are returning to budget numbers. Would your relationship with the shark be better if you first agreed to become the Minister of Finance?

"Let it be obvious, but I am convinced that it will be an excellent Minister of Finance with its knowledge and experience. I was the first to tell the Prime Minister that I agree with the Minister of Finance coming from his quota, there is uncompromising trust between the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance, and in my government, I asked for the position of the Minister of Finance on our side. In view of my knowledge, experience and knowledge of the problem, we proposed to be the Deputy Prime Minister as coordinator of three ministries, social and health care. Prime Minister. "

If we know, your proposal was rejected.

"Is it right." Our estimate was that a great deal of trouble could get on her back. My knowledge of the budget did not come from the time I was the prime minister, but before that, I have compiled at least 30 state budgets from the beginning to the end. can help a large number of Prime Minister and Finance Minister. "

Do you have problems with Andrew Berton? It seems to be hunted, immediately sung by experienced state secretary and former minister Mateja Vranicar Erman.

"The Ministry of Finance is a very demanding department, for someone who did not know it before, we and I fully understood all the ministers who are coming in. I believe that some of the initial problems are working properly, and the adoption of the budget implementation law also points to the initial problems. Now all journalists are dealing with a list of austerity measures in the field of social services, for which I myself assure that with such a government and with a coalition as we have it will never be confirmed We never want to save children, young people and large families We want more children in Slovenia , which means that those who have more children should get more, no less, I think the minister was not too attentive because this list ended the law at all, which are the initial problems that, of course, make the government more difficult to make when it comes to the public. that after the new year we will work as needed. "

After a hundred days of government?

"It's true, we have big problems and problems on the table."

Now all journalists are dealing with a list of austerity measures in the social field, for which I myself assure that we will never be confirmed with such a government and a coalition as we have. Never. We will never save children, young people and large families

As for next year's budget implementation law, you have already said in essence that a socially-based film is not seen.

"It is true." Regarding the budget, our party has put forward another proposal to not use part of the redemption price from NLB to repay the debt, but would stay at home for the purpose of recapitalizing 2TDK. "

How would you fill the planned share of Hungary in capital? It is well known that you have suggested to the government that the second Divača-Koper project be carried out without a Hungarian capital contribution.

"No. We're still talking about the first 200 million euros."

So is not the outbreak of "Hungarian" millions?

"No. I would like to buy to buy from the sale of property for other property and I think that people will support it." As far as the Divača-Koper track is concerned, there is still an endless number of open questions, although it should be built. and the financial results with Hungary or without it will be very accurately presented.When the government is on the table, I believe that it will be very easy to decide in which direction it will go, going on a way that is cheaper, more profitable and more suitable for our country.

Soon after the change of government, it was out of your circles that it was said to collapse into communication, even if the prime minister did not call the ministers and chairmen of the parties by phone. Wait?

"Whenever I called, he called or called back."

It is probably a problem in the government where, besides the new prime minister, there are also two other prime ministers and Karl Erjavec. There is no big political chemistry between you and the other. Finally, he criticized your public demand for the highest coalition.

"In accordance with the cooperation protocol, I asked for a summit, because at some meetings I have asked the table beforehand how we will implement our commitments resulting from the 2018 coalition agreement. The year ends, the laws must be ready, and when it's the first time , second and third, and they did not hear me, I had nothing. "

Why did not you just call the Prime Minister by phone or announce a meeting? Where did it get complicated?

"We had three meetings before sending the request, which complicated the fact that we disagreed with how we would fulfill our commitments. On the same day we sent a request for a coalition, we met in the morning where we were told that our coalition agreement is a set of requests we do not agree, but we want what we wrote for 2018 and put it to heart, that's not much – pensions, the beginning of editing We also regulate health problems, especially queues and minimum wages. we are approaching compliance with the coalition agreement and securing these things. "

You have asked for the opening of a pension question, but whenever you complain about pensions, we remember that you preferred to take over a different department, not the social and health care you have most exposed. Sorry now?

"You can now watch the conspiracy between the Finance Minister and the Minister of Labor in terms of budget and social affairs, and we were willing to take over the coordination of these two departments." You can not be the Minister of Labor without the Minister of Finance, it shows how important the Vice President could be in coordination, which would be a very hard and energetic vice-presidential city, and I would like to have a lot of problems on my back, but the guys decided differently. "

The government is a minority, dependent on the Left. You were skeptical and critical on the left. What can you say about working with them after two months?

"I will respond as the Minister of Infrastructure, and we and Levi, we will coordinate the things that we will send to the National Assembly, some of whom have already coordinated, because now we have no big problems with the Left." In general, I was decisive for the Leftist at one point that you can not promise to people what you do, then you have the chance to go to the left-wing government, we did not pick them up in the right government, but you do not go inside. I do not know, I do not understand what kind of government Levica would ever go. It means that just before the elections will never become the truth, I would want the government with more than 46 votes and everyone who left the center would take responsibility for the leadership of the country. "

But even in Levice I was critical at the moment when you can not promise to people what you will do, then you will have the opportunity to go to the left-wing government, we did not bring them to the right government, but you do not go. I do not know, I do not understand what government left Levica at the time. Will it be for the opposition side?

Is the coexistence of five Levoliberal parties and leftists a full mandate or a key glue of government parties against the anti-Jansa platform?

"Our aim was to give Slovenia a leftist government, but it is not enough glue, we are a left-wing government, and we have to do things that are good for the state and the citizens." My guess is that this is the only true government that promotes social rights, human rights , public education, and health, in short, must not go back to the Middle Ages and on the way to countries where people are standing all night and receiving health service without paying, but that does not happen in Africa but in the United States that we want to do. it's a thicker glue than anti-Jansa. "

If this government breaks down, you will not be able to escape with the SDS led by the SDS?

"Our party will do everything in its power to ensure that this government does not help." This was also reflected in the replacement of Minister Bandelli, but if he is still broken, they are the only real possibility of new elections. "

Where do you see the biggest problems and limitations of this government? In addition to the above-mentioned coordination in the government you proposed.

"It is not a limitation, and above all, I am disrupting our SAB client and our client by saying that the coalition agreement is a set of requests, which is not acceptable to us." What we have asked to write a coalition agreement is all to make sure what we wrote in the coalition agreement, which is good. "If we can not do anything in the dynamics we enforce, we can also shake it."

The first days decisive for the government come, agreement with the public sector is particularly important. How close is to avoid a wage strike? How much can the government subsidize to the public sector, what is still possible under the fiscal rule and the possibility of the state budget?

"The ministers of our party voted against the negotiating positions at the government's correspondence, not in the light of resistance, but because the money at our disposal must be distributed among all the stakeholders of the company, and the civil servants are not concentrating on it, but so far we did not know the current course of the negotiations, and I appeal to civil servants that they are reasonable in their demands, because the state everything that is created can not give them just because it would cause a conflict. "

How is the government team headed by Petar Pogačar negotiating?

"He is very experienced, I'm sure, because of my experience and knowledge, I'm fine."

What do you think of the first warning that the new crisis period is in fact a matter of time? Are we so far? Is the country better prepared? Banks and the economy are less indebted, including households.

"The economic cycle is a fact and the forecasts of IMAD and other institutions do not foresee a significant crisis for Slovenia", warned that it would be cooling, but we know that banks and the economy are better prepared for a crisis that did not make all the reforms, not ready for a crisis. , which has been in our country since 2008. This crisis was so deep because we did not develop it in time. "

Have you bought NLB shares?

"No. I do not have big investments to invest, which does not mean I would not believe buying shares would not be a good investment."

Did your price disappoint you?

"I believe that if the former government had already worked on its work, the price and revival could be higher for the NLB, but these things can not be changed." Financial analysts point out that SDH has earned the right mix of investors, they wanted a higher price, those who say that they would have to get at least as much as the state invested in the NLB, they do not know what they are talking about, and our country has invested more than three billion euros in the NLB, and so much for this bank I never get it.

Defend your sales because you signed a privatization contract as Prime Minister in exchange for a state aid license. The ultimate defeat is ultimately taxpayer. Do you feel bad when selling?

"Do you know when our country accepted a commitment to sell the NLB? That was in the second Yanesh government in 2012. We know which parties have adopted a decree on the sale of the bank.How should my government be after the state of the Sales Decision was handed over to the assembly, convinced the European Commission not to sell the NLB and Brussels did not let us sell, Slovenia has accepted this decision, and we have managed to negotiate that we sell one share of less than 75 percent instead of 100 percent, it is clear that at any time it will provide state aid, , under what conditions it will allow. "

The law criticizes the prize, criticizes the previous government, and at the same time claims that the left loses its ATM. Does Slovenia lose its financial backbone by selling NLB?

"No, I do not think we have several well-functioning banks that are not owned by the Slovenian state. For development purposes, SID has a bank that is and remains a state-owned company." In any case, it was not right that individuals and politics used a NLB that has more than proven bank holes. "

Our proposal before this year's local elections, both SMC and LMŠ, was to bring together the forces in which the municipality. From both sides we received a negative answer

Was there no idea in the Sharjah government to try and stop selling it again?

"No. We all knew at the table that it was not possible.Only, Mira Cerar's government, which was supposed to leave as soon as she came to office, went to Brussels and said that as a new government he disagreed with the sale But they were not going, should be respected, and now their thinking has changed, right now.

Was SDH responsible for selling NLB?

"I do not think SDH responded unanimously a year ago when the government of Mira Cerar stopped selling, and if it were the same way, the bank would have been sold at that time and would have given it more."

Soon, the government's agenda will once again be a question of who will appoint the government as European Commissioner. Is this story complete for you? Is the city no longer interested?


Airport Maribor
What about Chinese tenants who do not pay tenants? How is (not) the perspective of Maribor airport driven over this unfortunate story?
"It is true that the Chinese tenant does not pay the rent for three months, the airline challenge was very ambitious, many of them had ideas and promises, so far, I have not taken arms into corn, and I hope the Chinese company will prove to be a good partner who has fulfilled the promises. The Ministry of the Environment is actively working on a national land-use plan that will allow the development of the airport. "

How do you assess the work of current Commissioner Violeta Bulcova? Does he deserve a repeat of the mandate?

"During my previous mandate as a Member of the Parliament, I did not sincerely withdraw from its field, but I would like to see the effects of the fact that we have an influential commissioner in some other important areas for Slovenia more than in the transport sector in Slovenia."


"Arbitration, Teran and, last but not least, NLB."

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