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The whole collapse of Popovich in Koper? The Old Town Chapel was already lost and its saints "betrayed" it!

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31. jan. 2019 6:00

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The whole collapse of Popovich in Koper? The masonry chairs have already been lost, now they are

Our six former town councilors from Koper kindergartens are leading on Friday by former deputy deputy Petar Bolčić, the establishment of a club of independent saints. Bolcic explained that it is easier for them to work for the benefit of citizens and municipalities. The party of the former mayor, Boris Popovič, will count only seven other councilors in a 33-member municipal council.

Besides Bolcic, the club will be formed by Vlasta Vežnaverová, Barbara Strmola, Kristina Radovčič, Tina Mojskerc and Igor Hrvatin, explained Bolčič on the edge of yesterday's meeting of the city council.

In the opinion that they were selected on the list of Popovič's party Koper is ours, Bolčič replied that they are on the list with their name and surname "and with their name and surname we were also elected to the city council not only for the list."

As for the possibility of co-operation with the new mayor, Aleš Bržan, who currently has no official coalition in the then council, after eight new saints will be the largest member of the council, Bolčič said he wants to "help the current mayor to perform this mandate as much as possible. "

As for relations with Popovic, Bolcic explained that he had no resentment and added that he did not have a publisher, but believes that as a city councilor he has the right to cooperate with the mayor.

Yesterday Popovich replied to journalists that he was not officially aware of the departure of the aforementioned board members and did not comment on the issue. However, in a video posted on Facebook Monday, he said that "my traitors from Koper are cheerfully jumping around the mayor of the city … trying to win the winners in any way, even if they are defeated."

At yesterday's regular session of the municipal council, the mandate was replaced by the substitute council of the town of Ani Nedoh from the list of Aleš Bržan, who will replace the mayor. The members of the individual working bodies of the municipal council and the members of the city supervisory board were appointed on a proposal of the commission for mandate election and appointment issues. These will be followed by Adrian Bajec, Tjaša Benčina, Edmund Gašpar, Dunja Jovicčić, Valter Krmáč, Rok Parovel and Tina Podgornik.

At the suggestion of Brž, councilors also voted against the verdict that representatives of the founders Janiji Bačić, Dejan Škerlič and Goran Malenič were dismissed from the Marjetica Koper Supervisory Board. All three were close to Popovich's colleagues. The local council has appointed Davor Briševac, Tomaz Slavec and Vojko Rotar for a four-year term. In the past, Slavec was a municipal councilor in Levice and a worker in Luka Koper Rotar was previously employed in Marjetice.

Yesterday, the witnesses also approved the decision to reduce rents in the municipal business premises in the historic center of Koper. This is an extension of a 30% reduction in rent to business entities and companies, provided they currently pay commitments. This measure was originally introduced in Koper in 2014 to preserve its activity in the old city center. As the local city found, the measure brought several positive effects, such as increased payment discipline, the continuity of long-term city providers, and the general revival of the city center.

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