Wednesday , September 18 2019
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Vaccination against tick meningitis will be funded by compulsory insurance

A new policy on vaccination and protection against drugs has come into force with some innovations. Among other things, it introduces recommended vaccination against tick-borne meningencephalitis for children, which this year will complete this year for three years and for adults aged 49 years. The program will take into account all young people under 26 in the category of pupils, students and students.

In addition to introducing the recommended vaccination against pediatric meningoencephalitis in children who will complete this year for three years this year, and a replacement vaccine for adults over 49 years of age, the new vaccine and drug protection programs will replace five diseases – diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, haemophilus influenza and childhood paralysis. The new vaccine will also protect children from hepatitis B infection. As shown in the program, children will first take this vaccine in 2020 from the age of three months.

The recommended vaccination will be funded by compulsory insurance.

Vaccination with the hexavalent vaccine will be mandatory for children born in October 2019.PHOTO: Thinkstock

Now five pediatricians divide the children in the first year of life into three doses and the fourth dose is given in the second year, while children against the hepatitis B vaccination before entering school and first grade.

The vaccination program brings further changes. Pupils', students' and students' program changes by adding young adults under 26 to this category. This corresponds to the rights and obligations of vaccination of pupils and students with the same adolescents and adults studying up to the age of 26.

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