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48,000 spectators – women's cup

fromKristoffer Bergström

Angela Sosa bet one, Aurélie Kaci the other.

But the main role in Atletico Madrid victory 2-0 against Bilbao in the Spanish Cup played 48,000 spectators who beat the European record.

– It's every dream of a football player, says goalkeeper Lolo Gallardo.


The capital letters of the official twitter account of La Liga write about the meeting of Athletic Bilbao and Atletico Madrid in San Mamés. It does not apply to the win of the guests 0-2 as a semi-finals, but to nearly full stands in the arena.

"Unbelievable Response"

48,121 people were in place. According to Bilbao, there is a new record for the European club match on the women's side (although at the national level there is a lot of world record, 90,185 people who saw the final of the World Cup between the US and China in 1999).

– Our fans' response was incredible. "We are very sorry we could not thank for winning support," said Josepa Agirre, coach Athletic Bilbao at a press conference.

"People are Step by Step"

The number of viewers was higher than during the match for the men's team this season. But why even compare? For Lolo Gallardo, the most important lesson for a record audience is that everyone wins if team association teams work together and move away.

– Our fans have once again shown that there is no difference between male and female teams, and I believe people are stepping together step by step. Women's football is growing and we are sure to meet a number of equally balanced arenas, according to the club's website.

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