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After the Chief Executive's Change: New Axfood Pharmacy Load

In August, Free Buything proved that Aphehem's online pharmacy, partially owned by Axfood, had left its CEO. The reason was that Apohem's management and CEO Henrik Patzer had different views on the future of the company. Next time Apohem will be forced to stop selling prescription drugs. The only type of drug Apoh offered so far.

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The ban is immediately applicable to the Siren news agency and unless the medical agency decides otherwise.

"We sold a few days ago – 350 out of 5,000 products, says Executive Director Johan Bergenheim for a free purchase.

How serious is this?

"Drugs are linked to pharmacies, so there is, of course, important sales, but the reason we have to stop selling is that we can not offer prescription drugs as well." The goal is that the license be valid a year ago.

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Prescription products have been sold since the launch of an online pharmacy in June.

"We were too early to start and we are so sorry, we have been forced to take prescription drugs from the place so far and we can only offer pharmaceutical products at this time.

Can they talk about knowledge?

"Now we have learned nothing but we are in close dialogue with the Swedish Medicines Agency.

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