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After this year's first debate on the leadership of the Gothenburg Post

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When party leaders sit on Riksdag's chair, it's in a new political culture. Since last time, Sweden has experienced the longest and most complicated formation of the government at all, old political blocs have fallen, and former partners blamed each other for betrayal.

Here are a few things to follow in the debate:

1. Will the center and the liberals be in opposition?

C and L have gone through a very liberal policy in agreement with the MP and MP. In spite of their co-operation with the government, they have ensured that they will continue to be opposition parties. C and L have received hard bourgeois criticism because they have crossed the block border and need to note that they are not in government.

2. Will Stefan Löfven answer Annie Lööfová and Jan Björklund?

Leader S is usually confronted with Alliance leaders, but the government of Stefan Löfven has barely access and the ink has almost failed to reach an agreement between S, MP, C and L. The deal should now be careful and implemented. Some hardcore confrontations are unlikely to be expected in this situation.

3. Are the leaders of the Alliance Party attacking each other?

For many years, the Alliance has shown a united front. But after the recent harsh words and disappointment that C and L have decided to support S-leader Stefan Löfven as prime minister, Annie Lööfová and Jan Björklund may be prepared for criticism by Mf Ulf Kristersson and KD leader Ebba Busch Thor.

4. Will the last debate of Gustav Fridolin's spokesperson be found?

Gustav Fridolin announced that it would end in connection with the Congress of the Greens at the beginning of May. It will therefore be his last regular party leadership debate in Riksdag.

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