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Andersson celebrated 2-0 against Russia in this year's final international match and national team in the League of Nations because he claims to be "a simple football laborer" as he likes and often calls himself.

It had to be a boiled sausage with bread, rinsed with bubble-free mineral water.

There is no doubt when we got into this collection. We had to win two matches and we'll do it. I hope we continue to work, we can rob big nations. This gives players and people confidence.

Turkey at home (losing 2-3) still hurt me. I was not so stressed, but it's nice to be able to show this collection what kind of team we are.

Important for group victory

Andersson commends the success of the League of Nations at a high level.

Just in the second cup (in the European Championship) is an important part and I get quite decent situation, if we, too bad, should not have a qualification, he says.

In this case, the national team has a second chance in play-off with other group winners or two years in division B.

But he was particularly pleased and satisfied with how players met the Russian Federation and made the final international match of the year.

I am very pleased to be able to show ourselves when we have the chance of a home team that when we lost the first press we could show a varied football game with gambling and thefts and so on.

We have it in us, in our way of playing, but in the second half, unfortunately, is always an opponent who wants to be one of them.

Highest rating

Andersson's sum of 2018 and grades 1-5:

Of course there are points, but as a whole, based on where we are in the food chain, I think we should have a very high level. If I decide, it will be a fifth of what we have done. A good football team must be able to change their game by resistance. Against Turkey, we meet a team that does that, today we meet another team that does it differently.

I think we managed to play different ways but with a basic idea based on organization, preparation, attitude and work and so on. This match confirms that we can play more than one trip.

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