Association for Asthma and Allergy: Includes smoking ban in certain public areas

In a short time, the Riksdag is expected to decide on a sharp tobacco team that will limit tobacco smoking even in the outdoors. If there is a decision to be made, the Association for Asthma and Allergy now wants municipalities and landowners to continue banning some outdoor outdoor environments, associations for asthma and allergy, and young allergy writers in a news article.

– There is a clear link between exposure to passive smoking and the risk of developing asthma in both children and adults. WHO estimates that every 20 cases of childhood asthma in Sweden may be related to parental smoking. Individuals with asthma represent a certain risk group that suffers from direct discomfort and lung function when exposed to tobacco smoke, "said Maritha Sedvallson, chairwoman of the Federation of Asthma and Allergy.

In locations waiting for buses and coaches, 35 percent are exposed to smoke at least once a month, the federation writes. Too many asthma is impossible to stay near a bus booth or on a plateau where someone smokes.

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