Audi is a luxury electric car GT Concept raises a resurrection in LA

Audi expands its E-throne with an electric vehicle on the sporty GT variant. It is another sign of the electric car entering the room.

Traditional car makers have long criticized enthusiasts from electric drives, because electric vehicles have varied considerably compared to models with internal combustion engines.

Tesla showed with the classically designed Model S that it was great to make sales volumes even with batteries.

Now there are new times in the industry. Yesterday's premiere of Audi at the Los Angeles Auto Show is a great example. It is not clear from the outside that the E-throne GT is an electric car. Instead, he recalls several of his luxury sports models with an internal combustion engine.

Top performance

However, under the jacket, the electrical power is expected to be in the upper state. The 90-kilowatt battery is sufficient for 40 miles according to the WLTP standard. Two electric motors deliver power of 590 hp with all-wheel drive. 0-97 kilometers per hour (0-60 miles per hour) runs in 3.5 seconds.

The car is also equipped with a 800-volt battery, borrowed from a sophisticated Porsche group that provides phenomenal fast-moving properties up to 250 kilowatts. From empty battery up to 80 percent, go 20 minutes.

GT will reach the market by 2020.

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