Book review: "I'm football" Zlatan and Mats Olsson

Would you like to be with the PR team Zlatan, who is planning to. How will this brand be preserved when it suffers from a football career? Perfume brand, credit card ads and lip balm are not enough. But what about the book?

Someone can face: Zlatan has already written a book (or at least an interview with the author who wrote it) and a very successful book, but it is easy to imagine how the objection is erased. The brand must be further developed. The shark must swim, otherwise it will die.

Here is the procedure: Zlatan Ibrahimovic, further developed brand. It has the form of a book that has much to do with Oceania: the ratio of solid land is very small. Most of them are dedicated to photographers, admired interviews with the best-known Zlatan (Patrick Vieira, José Mourinho, Henrik Larsson), as well as texts by Mats Olsson, who loosely joined the copywriter level. ("You're looking at all the clips about Zlatan's achievements and goals on YouTube." "The joy of Manchester United was almost unreal and showed how important it is for Manchester United to win titles this season."

DN meets Zlatan at the Sixt Hotel in Los Angeles in November 2018.
DN meets Zlatan at the Sixt Hotel in Los Angeles in November 2018. photo: Anette Nantell

Then we come to the rest, where Zlatan himself for the word. It would be unnecessary to emphasize that you will not have a deeper or more diverse picture because there are no such ambitions: the brand should not be complicated, it should be PREVENTED or DISTRIBUTED.

Of course, Zlatan has the same attitude to self-criticism as Donald Trump and Horace Engdahl: it's unforgivable weakness. If you think that age leads to more thinking, you are wrong; rather, it has led to an old street boy assuming a patriarchal role, which also excludes self-confidence.

When Zlatan summoned his old trainer in Barcelona, ​​Pep Guardiola, as a "philosopher," it was such a derogatory attribute that could be expected. No, he prefers a demonic director, energy producers, and fixators. Hasse Borg in Malmö FF: "He gave me cell phones, got a subscription, and drove cars." Pierce Luciano Moggi in Juventus: "He was the boss and I liked my style – mouth-water cigars, expensive costumes and a great escort." (Zlatan received a corresponding gangster film from Moggi: "I knew I always always acted against him always and always "The owner of Paris Saint Germain, the Qatari king:" I met him at the hotel and it was how many guards out there, he was the one who wanted to meet me, he loved football, he had a lot of passion. "


That's charming direct social warwinism reappears in the description of Zlatan itself. "My world is: conquer and be number one." Coach José Mourinho: "Over the years everything has been one: he wants to win." Team mate Maxwell: "Zlatan is the winner, he will never lose." Pogba: "He wants to win and hate to lose." And so on, and so on. As it is nice, how often it was possible to see the outcome of this mentality as planned, it is complete to hear it, as it repeats in writing.

But it is interesting that Zlatan touches only one part of his career, where he could not be the "winner" in the Swedish national team. The autobiography was rudimentary: ghost writer David Lagercrantz told Zlatan simply that he would not be particularly interesting (probably because the national team's career could not be transformed into the story of "mining and being number one").

Also, here is the season presented most in a series of summits: Zlatan will end up in the national team (due to unrecognized "bad energy"), Zlatan returns under Erik Hamren and gives him "more confirmation of the player that he is," Zlatan becomes the captain of the team taking a mandate, to be a captain the way he wants (argue with other players if they do not work as expected). Zlatan feels "immortal", the mood is "magical", the collections are "perfect".

Zlatan's anger at the gate was in April 2018 convicted in a match against the New York Red Bulls.
Zlatan's anger at the gate was in April 2018 convicted in a match against the New York Red Bulls. photo: Chris Carlson

And despite the Gold Immortal achievements are not particularly good for this national team, most of them among the lines (the most modern tone Zlatan has forbidden to swim against "Primadonn" Fredrik Ljungberg, who lived in autobiography). However, it is clear that the national team is starting to play better when Zlatan himself finishes.

This fact reacts typically in a majestic way (and along the lines that the PR team clearly spoke during the nightmare) by dismissing all the hints of the case as racist: "I hear those who say the national team is a better team without me, and my answer to them is this: Be careful what you say you do not show your true self. It can be difficult for you because racism is a much bigger problem than anyone who plays or does not play in the national team. "

Undoubtedly. And there is no doubt that there is a complicated story about why the national team worked worse under Zlatan, which contained both elements that Zlatan wanted to pick up, and those he did not want to know (as thanks for confirmation always helped Erik Hamren's unfortunate example), but of course it will not be said. This would require justification and do not apply the marks. The philosophers do.

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