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Delayed diabetes treatment – Västmanland

The Västmanland Region reported an event according to lex Maria, where the patient suffered from delayed treatment of diabetes,

A man at his age of 50 contacts a health center for that. problems with urination, severe swelling and increased thirst. During medical visits, 30 kg of involuntary weight loss, strong thirst and high levels of sugar and ketone (acid) appear in the urine. Patient symptoms are considered to be caused by diabetes but still do not accept the acute blood sugar level but the patient is asked to return to two fixed blood sugar levels.

Inbound test responses to HbA1c (long-term blood sugar) have a very high value of 183, but are not monitored or treated.

The patient contacts the health center again because it does not feel well and has a high level of sugar in the blood. The patient announces that a working colleague said he smelled of acetone. The patient is first asked to immediately visit the emergency department where he is hospitalized. The patient receives a drop, insulin treatment and monitoring, as well as contact with a diabetic nurse and a dietotherapist, and can then be printed with both tablets as insulin therapy for further monitoring at the health center.

The medical center has taken several measures to prevent the recurrence of the incident, among others. how they respond to tests.

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Margaret Ehnebom, Västmanland's main medical area

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Every day, 4,000-5,000 visits are performed during Västmanland's care. The vast majority of contacts work well, patients receive good care and good treatment. In some cases, however, something goes wrong.
Every patient who is injured in care is too big. The Västmanland region therefore has a zero vision of patient safety – no patient should be injured in healthcare. Publishing reports from Lex Maria is part of the long-term and systematic work of the region to improve patient safety.

Lex Maria means that all health professionals are required to report serious mistakes and mistakes in care or the risk of serious injury. The purpose of Lex Maria's announcement is to improve health care through an investigation, and the Health and Care Inspectorate performs an impartial assessment of the event. Investigation means that care can learn from the mistakes that occur, so they are repeated and that affected patients and their relatives get clear information about what actually happened.

The main task of the region is to contribute to a good life for Western residents. We do this by working with health and medical care, dental care, education, culture, business affairs, public transport, regional development and the environment. Västmanland is centrally located in Mälardalen. Here you will find good accommodation, services and communication, as well as good conditions for a wealth of free time.

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