Sunday , September 15 2019
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Fed boss lifted Wall Street – DN.SE

Fed chief Fed Jerome Powell said in a statement Wednesday that the prospects for the US economy are still solid and that interest rates are "just below" neutral – that is, a level where neither stimulates nor dampens the economy.

Investors interpret this as a more cautious increase in interest rates in the future.

The rise was wide. Microsoft's share rose 3.7 percent and Apple's market capitalization. But after Apple gained share of the latest Iphon model, Apple's share rose by 3.9 percent.

Tiffanys went upstream because jewelry sales were worse than expected in the third quarter. The share was 11.8 percent.

The Dow Jones Industrial Index rose by 2.5 percent, the Nasdaq Composite Index increased by 3.0 percent and the S & P 500 increased by 2.3 percent.

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