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Financial manager Lena Mattsson resigns to IFK Gothenburg

Treasurer Jakob Andreasson leaves IFK Göteborg.


While IFK Gothenburg tries to put together the last part of the organization – some sports manager is still in place – the club fights with the economy. Blue-eyed has not yet set the player's budget for 2019 – and is therefore postponed for new acquisitions.

Three days earlier, the club treasurer told Jakob Andreasson that he was leaving the council. According to him, however, Blåvit's weak economy is not.

– No, I never talked to the challenge. The decision has grown in the autumn. There have been three intense years with a focus on cutting costs. It's a long contract, the process is slow. It takes a long time, says Jakob Andreasson and continues his club years:

– It was a lot of fun. I am passionate associations. At the same time there is much to do. As a follower, you can control your emotional upward and downward ascension. It can not be done on the board. Requires more.

IFA Göteborg Financial Director Lena Mattsson resigns.


The Financial Manager will resign

Now GT can say that Blåvitt is hit by another drop in the economic side: Lena Mattsson – who is the CFO in IFK Göteborg for about two decades and is one of the real veterans in Kamratgården – resigns.

According to GT, it is no coincidence that both the Treasurer and the CFO are leaving at the same time, but are related to the financial situation of the club.

Lena Mattsson did not want to support this year's budget according to what GT is experiencing.

Director of the IFK Göteborgs Max Markusson club.


"Not really up-to-date"

Blawit's club director, Max Markusson, retreats calmly.

They do not think they are because of the club's weak finances.

– Lena has been in the workplace for over 20 years, so changing jobs is not a big deal. After having a "treasurer" on board, do not need to be "up-to-date" in an elite club like IFK Gothenburg in 2019? That's not a big deal on my part, says Max Markusson.

GT asked Lena Mattsson for a comment.

IFK Göteborg Financial Results

2017 -12.5 million

2016: +5.8 m.k.

2015 +2.5 million

2014 -10.4 million

2013: -3.5 million

2012: -4.0 million

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