Four cancer patients died after a long wait, reports Sus

In nine patients with cancer, the disease seriously worsened when they had not undergone surgery or relaunched again. In four cases, cancer was spread so far that people died. Now Susa Hospital reports its own waiting times according to Lex Maria.

Nine patients had all urinary tract, bladder cancer, or renal pelvis. Five of them had to wait for surgery for a long time, that cancer spread and surgical treatment or drug treatment became more difficult. Four had to wait for the necessary follow-up visits.

"It is very serious, and it is completely unacceptable that the waiting time is so long," says Lars Malmberg, head of urology in Susu.

For example, in urinary bladder cancer, it is recommended that the patient be able to recommend the Skåne region within 37 days of finding the tumors. The average waiting time in the country is 130 days.

– We have a waiting time of 160 days, even if we do

The waiting time of patients with so-called Urothelial cancer has always been long. Within a few years, however, the Skåne Region began using standardized care procedures for these types of cancer. The reason your business is reporting

The waiting time for admission is due to the absence of urologists, nurses and secretaries, as well as lack of access to the operating theaters. A special quote is planned to be able to run more patients with urinary tract cancer daily in Susu and also to perform other urological operations in Landskrona.

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