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Excitement will rise in the TV4 "Idol" season and this week two participants will be forced to leave the race before the Globe finale.

Before Friday night, each artist was assigned two songs to each jury, one to the glow and one to the attacker. Kadiatou Holm Keita begins the "Make You Feel My Love" test in Adele and then lights up with Rihanna's "Diamonds". Generally, he usually trains the whole week. Instead, it now aggravates nasal spray, cough and sleep medication.

I'm very happy with my songs and I like artists. If I had two stops instead, I would not do it with a fever, she says.

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The battle for first place in Idol in 2018 is getting worse. "I will not lie, and I say that I am calm," says William Segerdahl.

"Heart of Torture"

Last week in the live broadcast of production "Idol" released a bomb that two people leave the competition during the semifinals – before, the idols believed that the trio would join the Globe.

It was a bit unobtrusive because they gave us the music we usually get when someone leaves, says Bragi Bergsson, who hanged loose last week and thought he would have to leave.

For us it's heart, it makes a lot of noise in the heart, it's tv. It was not surprising. Production is doing the best to make good TV, so there are four of us waiting to work harder, "says Kadiatou Holm Keita.

Very at stake

Faced with this great challenge, the nervousness and the pressure of the idols are noticeable.

Clearly, it's okay, go on, you're in the world right now. It's not just a Globe, it's a tour of thanks and everything that's coming, says William Segerdahl, who took the high school class and bet on the music.

Sebastian Wallden is thriving in the public as a fish in the water and wants to become a new "myspysgris" in Sweden. He especially notices that his music goes home with an older audience.

I think it would be such an incredible pastime to stand in the Globe and win and win this single and be able to do that you think so much, he says.

Bragi Bergsson, on the other hand, is a bit quieter with hope.

I think all four are very talented and for various reasons deserve to be in the Globe. Whatever happens, I'm happy and I think others are happy.

"Idol" will be broadcast on TV4 on Friday at 20:00.

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