It does not play in three years (!)

Dreams can come in when you least expect it.
Gavin McHale played his last game three years ago, then in the lower divisions – but he sat on the bench for Washington Capitals last night.
"You can not describe how big it is for me," he says.

Washington Capitals sovereign goalie Braden Holtby was injured before the fight against Winnipeg Jets tonight.

It does not play in three years

When you had only two goalkeepers, it was an uncertain situation to find a reserve for a regular reserve Pheonix Copley.

Capitals did not fly to the third goalie – and instead was a 31-year-old who did not play for three years.

Gavin McHale he was never very close to the NHL team – or even to the AHL team – and completed his career three years ago, then at the SEMHL Canadian league.

But tonight he fulfilled his dreams.

"He was so stellar"

The 31-year-old, who lives in Winnipeg, quickly returned to the stadium, crossed and threw himself into a warming match with players like Alexander Ovetjkin and Nicklas Bäckström.

"I was so stellar, but I hope that no one noticed it." I was very starry during the first four rounds, but then it got better, "McHale said of Ovetjkin after the match.

There was no ice age for McHale, who is always a goal trainer for the local women's ice hockey team, but he was also happy.

– That's definitely nothing I imagined that had happened in the last ten years when my career was down. But it was a very exciting experience, "McHale said.

Winnipeg Jets won the match 3-1.

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