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"Just like other Stockholmian"

As a hunter I often get a question from enemy friends when I hate wolves (which I do not have). Instead, I hear "Miljöuppupplag" from the other side. Polarization is clear, but commitment and hunting for the environment go hand in hand. I am not the main opponent of the wolf, and I believe that the Swedish fauna should maintain a viable wolf tribe.

Photo: TT

The problem of slavery is infected in many parts of the country, of course, is underestimated. The debate has recently gained additional fuel because she felt that the wolf opponent, Karl Hedin, suspects his denial of hunting.

It is a pity, therefore, that when SVT invests in a costly documentary on northern predators, they pick up a program leader who is in a clear position. It is not just a matter of journalistic impartiality, especially the program suffers. It simply will not be a good conversation with the reindeer Sami or Hunter when he first clamps and declare "I am a predator". The program would win Anders Lundin himself in the background. If the ambition should portray the different values ​​and approaches that exist. Now he's just coming to Stockholm to come and talk to the people in the country as he is.

Other predators are accepted by clean owners and hunters, but the wolf has a special position as a pariah. Photo: SVT

Named Karl Hedin, who lectures the country and the kingdom, often expresses the understanding that people take the law in their hands and point out that the wolf population in eastern Finland has been severely destroyed by illegal hunting and, above all, the proliferation of poisons – clips from his presentations are on Youtube. According to the latest survey, the number of wolves in Sweden has fallen by fifty compared to the previous year.

The fact that the thief is widespread should be indisputable, although some werewolves want to tune it (paradoxically, when they say they want to shoot all the wolves). Fifty dead illegally each year according to research, every tenth wolf who was obsessed was tossed or has an old wounded injury. There is no reason to doubt that the police are in doubt about the program, which means that the operations are systematic and that the culture of silence is widespread – and this is important to emphasize as well as the question of how the priority is in the judiciary.

The young guardian in Dalarna has a GPS transmitter. It will be monitored as part of a project aimed at reducing the conflict of wolves. Photo: SVT

As a natural program, the first part "Predator predator" is still relatively good. You will get a basic course in the history of the wolf in the country and an overview of the current status. And, of course, fine sceneries, though there are few. For example, it's great to be with scientists when they pick up small litter litters from the Dalarna wolf to take samples and examine small crabs. This means that the jump for future programs is better – because the other predators do not create the same disputes.


In the middle of nature: the predator of the predator


The series begins on Thursday 29/11

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