Kristersson (M) wants to create a government with KD

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If SD votes for Kristersson, it will not get 175 votes against him – does it mean he is elected prime minister?

If a party decides to vote yes or no, does it mean that everyone in this party must vote because the leader says or allowed individual answers?
If so, it means that everyone is deprived of their own judgment …

Hmm, C, can not you get a soundtrack?

"We have been following a press conference, but there is nothing new about communication right now, government issues are still under discussion." Written by Mikael Eriksson, Chief of Staff of Jimmy Åkesson (SD), SVT Nyheter.

Of course, we are looking for comments from all parliamentary parties.

"It would be a very weak government and an extremely right government, if you had M and KD and would be dependent on SD for every decision, but of course we do not have to vote on Wednesday, Jonas Sjöstedt (V) says about SVT Nyheter's report.

The vote will take place on Wednesday 9 am.

Sweden still stands without a new government, and the situation does not seem to be clear. On Wednesday, Ulf Kristersson will be considered Prime Minister after today's Presidential Press, when the chairman of the board of moderators presented the Prime Minister's proposal.

Ulf Kristersson also introduced what parties he wants to create a government: Moderators along with Christian Democrats is the government Kristersson is involved in voting on the post of prime minister on Wednesday in Riksdag.

"I am willing and ready to take on the uncomplicated task of forming the government and governing Sweden, not because I am sure I will win, but because I feel compelled," Ulf Kristersson told a press conference.

Pontus Mattsson commented on the political situation in the morning study. photo: Jonas Ekströmer / TT / SVT / Henrik Montgomery / TT

SVT politicians do not believe that Kristersson will be tolerated on Wednesday as prime minister.

– The question of new elections is approaching. There is a party that is really afraid of the choice, the reason is a bit more nervous. It will also influence the climate of cooperation between the parties of the alliance. Now it's sharp and the pitch is very loud, "says police reporter SVT Pontus Mattsson in the SVT morning studio.

"Great Dilemma"

According to SVT, Kristersson yesterday put the formal question of Annie Lööf (C) and Jan Björklund (L) if they wanted to be in his government. The answer was, as expected, not that they did not want to sit in a government that needs active SD support.

Ulf Kristersson did not want to speculate at a press conference at the risk that C and L would become a member of Social Democracy.

– I'm not going to judge it. I'll say it all. There was a strong consensus on the imposition of this government. During the election, a whole series of elections took place. I do not see this risk, but it is better to ask the relevant leaders, "Kristersson said at a press conference.

"Great dilemma" for C and L

The situation seems difficult to come out of the Party Center and the Liberals, believes Tommy Möller, professor of political science, who thinks the parties face great pressure right now.

"It is a big dilemma for them, and they bind so hard that it is impossible to see how they can get out of the fox they are in. Their choice was completely incompatible with promises: To ensure at all costs that the Swedish Democrats do not feel that Stefan Löfven being a prime minister.

Tommy Möller, a professor of political science, comments on the vote of the Prime Minister in Parliament. photo: Pontus Lundahl / TT / SVT

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