Kristoffer Olsson got a chance and took him in his debut on the competition

– It was good. We had a lot of balls, in the first half an incredible game. He played good football. Then, in my first game, it was easier for me to get into it, I will do what I am good for, "said Kristoffer Olsson after the match.

23-year-old Norrköping, who came to AIK last season through the Arsenal (Midlands) and Midtjylland, won a big comeback this season in Sweden when AIK won gold.

Now he has won his breakthrough in the national team and replaced Albin Ekdal in the middle.

– Albin was not a hundred percent, and he started [ljumskproblem reds anm.], And given that I assumed that Russia will defend the low and cross the border, I wanted to create a creative player. I have never been concerned that Kristoffer will not do the job, "said Janne Andersson, a co-worker.

Kristoffer Olsson told me that he was told to start the game earlier in the evening.

"It was quite fast and it was good, then you do not have to think so much," he said.

What requirements or expectations were you wearing?

"You always want to do it the best, and from my point of view it was something to do with the ball and add something there Be creative, be a player I was lucky in the first half So it's fun you can contribute.

Kristoffer Olsson, in particular, contributes to being a different type of player, in a somewhat defensive weighted inner field.

Now Sweden has met with Russia, who played a very small defensive play before the break.

"We think we did well, it's not easy to play against a low defense, but I think we've created a lot of chances in the first half, and I think we behaved well, we came to the situations where they are broadcast, they found themselves, "said Kristoffer Olsson.

Did you think it was temporarily changed for you?

"Of course, some situations are a bit faster, they're changing, etc. But it'll be easier if we have the ball and we can control the pace, of course, it's a difference for Allsvenskan, but not that excessive quantities.

Kristoffer Olsson said that he had no special guidelines from the Janne Andersson Federation.

– He just said to run my game, I'll do what I'm good for. And that gave me blood for future national collections. That you really should make a step in the team and the starting line.

What are you doing in the future?

– to contribute creativity.

What is needed to leave all Swedish now?

– Something that feels very good, where you feel like you are going to develop further. But right now I did my last match for the season, so let's see, said Kristoffer Olsson.

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