Linnea Henriksson is a strong word about Metoo

Linnea Henriksson is beside her interpretation of one of Stora's songs in the evening program "So Much Better".

She decided to create her own version of Stor's "Black Skull" song – and the Big One surprised her choice.

– Well, is that true? I'm shocked, is that true? "He says in the program.

Linnea Henriksson says everyone has their own fight – and you can not talk about all the matches, but you can still support them.

He says he can not understand what it is like to be racist.

"But just because I do not understand, that does not mean I'm not fighting, just as I know you're behind me in a feminist fight.

Much Better 2018: "It Feels Like It Was Silent"

Linnea Henriksson calls her version of the song for Little Girls.

– Fat oily. Wait for what's nice, I'm giving you a bite now, Stor says in the program.

Linnea Henriksson then takes over the Metoo feminist revolution, which spread throughout the country a year ago.

"You feel when a year later you talk about Metoo, you're talking about it like a fly when something happened.

He says these are things he thinks very much. Last autumn felt a sense of humor, she says, when women dared to tell me what was going on.

"Unfortunately, I do not feel it anymore. It feels like it's quiet again.

After the performance, Stor goes out and thanks Linne and Henriksson for her appearance.

– This is the most important, most important. You took it and you did your thing.

In retrospect, he says Linne Henriksson's version is one of his most powerful memories of the day.

– That's what the program should be. It was amazing, it was really honored, "Expressen explains.

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