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Mehmet Kaplan left MP – did not renew membership

When Stephen Löfven's new Minister of Culture and Democracy, Amanda Linda, was criticized for praising the former colleague Mehmet Kaplan, who had to resign as a Minister for Housing and Urban Development in 2016 after being caught at dinner together with members of the right-wing extremist Gray Wolfs.

"Gustav Fridolin, Isabella Lövin, Per Bolund, Alice Bah Kuhnke, Peter Eriksson, Karolina Skog – and between 2014 and 2016 Åsa Romson and Mehmet Kaplan – as the first green ministers to be the pioneers, the heroes who fought everyday, the environment and climate policy , democracy, equality and justice ", Wrote Amanda Lind in a paper.

Mehmet Kaplan at a press conference 2016 when he says he will resign as a minister.


This gave the new, outgoing minister, who was also a member of the council of the Riksdag and Miljöpartiet.

He asked to leave the party

On Thursday, the debater, the author and former deputy Kurdo Baksi Mehmet demand that Kaplan be expelled from the party.

"Kaplan appears at members' meetings and is openly embraced by the emerging MP elite," he writes in a news article.

"It will also increase the credibility of MPs in the fight against SD and the credibility of the new government in the fight against violent jihadism and its recruitment"He continues.

Debater Kurdo Baksi.


They did not renew their membership

Now, Expressen may discover that Mehmet Kaplan has already decided to leave the Green Party.

"He has not renewed his membership and is no longer a member"Press Secretary Hanne Simonsen writes in a text message.

Exactly when he left, the answer that Mehmet Kaplan has to answer, he says.

Expressen is looking for Mehmet Kaplan and Kurdo Baksi.

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