Mikael Lustig celebrated gold with AIK: "We can speculate"

Not only Hammarbyspelers Nikola Djurdjic and Vladimir Rodic who appeared at the AIK Gold festival.

Even Mikael Lustig was there.

"You may wonder how it goes," says Celtic back.

AIK celebrated gold at the soap bar in Stockholm on Sunday night. There were other football profiles. Among other things, Hammarbyspelers Nikola Djurdjic and Vladimir Rodic participated in festivals that attracted great attention.

But even the national team Mikael Lustig was at the party.

"I came to Stockholm very late and congratulated Sebbe (Larsson) and then said," come on and say hello. "So I went and congratulated Sebbe and Koffe (Olsson), and those I know in AIK say.

"You have a contract with the Celtic"

If you start thinking about you and AIK now?

"You may wonder how it goes, but I have a Celtic contract and I will see, I think I play in the Celtic and the next season," says Lustig with a smile.

Mikael Lustig's contract with the Celtic contract will expire next season. However, when he returns home, he does not want to reveal any closest Swedish club.

– You can speculate as I said.

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