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Öland book created by duo: "Color Books" – News in Öland – 24 hours a day

He left a warm friend and Stockholm Oland collect information and pictures about the island during the week last year. This information, which they both compiled and created a unique book about Öland, which is part of the series Swedish landscape colors and issue number ten. The creators behind the book are called Marja Lindblom and Lena Andersson,

– We started in southern Öland and zigzagged us north of Öland. We try to find different places to visit and then we found JACS-Museum that I didn't know existed and that almost all brown beans are new to Öland for me, says Lena Andersson.

The book is available in Swedish and English.

– It's a color book that describes Öland, its landscape animal, landscaped flower, and several landscape symbols. It's a postcard size and easy to hold in your pocket. It is a lot of tourists from other countries who appreciate it.

Marja and Lena together they created ten landscape books and now have 15 landscapes.

– There is no real plan for landscapes to come. We'll jump a little, but that's the book Småland and it's a landscape that is insanely rich in content, says Lena.

Book cover. Photo: Press the picture.

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