One person to the hospital after filming

The incident incident came on Friday night at the police station at 22:31. Then, on the Silver Farm in Landskron, a few people saw the shot as a shotgun.

Initially, the police did not even find the crime scene or any injured person.

The wounded man went on his stand. Injury to a person should not be life threatening.

"The injured man was driven by a private car at Helsingborg emergency room and the police were sent to the hospital. The event suggests linking with filming earlier in a silver farm in Landskrona. "

– Suspicion at crime scene is still blocked. We are waiting for technicians and of course we are working on hearing witnesses, says Anna Göransson.

According to the statement, many people should be in place when the police arrive.

"There are many people who have heard, the question is, how many people have seen something," says Anna Göransson.

The area has been blocked

The area in which the shooting is to take place is blocked in anticipation of forensics.

"We are also on alert as usual, where it is locked," says Anna Göransson.

The police have launched a preliminary investigation into the attempted murder.

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