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One shot in Tensta – he was a murder suspect

Running in Tenst this weekend – investigated as a criminal deal

fromJamshid Jamshidi

A 24-year-old man was shot dead in Tensta two weeks ago.

Three men were arrested and arrested for murder but were released later.

Late Sunday, one of them was shot when he was in the gate.

The three apartments were hit by bullets when the gunman launched a fire at Tenst tonight on Sunday evening.

At the same time, witnesses saw four or five perpetrators committed from the scene and fled to the car.

When a large police raid arrived in the residential area, a shot of an injured man was found in one of the gates in a broken family house, according to the Aftonbladet task.

He's a suspect of Ten Words

Injuries for a 26-year-old man are unknown, but the prosecutor is sued in the hospital.

According to information for Aftonbladet, a 26-year-old shot is one of the three main suspects in a murder investigation. The murder occurred two weeks ago when a 24-year-old man was shot in the car – near the place where Sunday's shooting took place.

During the murderous night, 26-year-old and two other men were found near the crime scene and arrested suspects from shooting. Later they were arrested, but after three days they were released.

According to the information provided to Aftonbladet, the police are working on the theory that both shootings are a solution to gang crime. One also examines the link between murder and Sunday attempt to kill.

"Serious Crime"

Prosecutor Oskar Edvardsson conducts both investigations. He does not want to comment on Aftonbladet information or to confirm that the man who was shot dead on Sunday is a suspect from Tenstamord.

– I can not go into the theories we have about motivation or we are dealing with. Any connection between these two events is something we look at and explore, but I can not get closer, says Oskar Edvardsson.

He confirmed, however, that the three men who were released for murder are still suspects.

Prosecutors and police officers call witnesses who have seen or heard something they have called 114 14.

– We received grateful tips and remarks regarding both of these crimes. These are serious crimes, so we try to clean them, "says Edvardsson.

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