Shooting at Heidenstams torg, Uppsala – damaged

The man was shot in the town of Uppsala by a masked shooter.

The man was admitted to the hospital and was seriously injured by the police.

Warning on filming at Heidenstam Square in Uppsala arrived Thursday at 23:00 on Thursday. Several ambulances were alerted to you, and a man in the 1930s was shot on the spot.


The man in the thirties was found shot on the square.

"A person runs an ambulance at the Akademiska Hospital," says Astrid Olsson, an alarm operator at the Emergency Hospital Center.

According to Aftonbladet, three bullets were heard in the square.

Police say the shooter is seriously injured. The witnesses said it was a masked shooter.

The police blocked the square at night and searched for the scene of the search for evidence. Several witnesses were interrogated and the police began a preliminary investigation of the attempted murder.

No one is arrested.

Police advice: You should do so if you hear shooting 00:37

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