TEST: Week with Iphone XR – cheaper, but brutally fast

Test product: Iphone XR
price: 9,490 SEK (64 GB) per CDON. Check out the best prices for dealers and operators in our comparison here!

Apple, with the Iphone XR, lost the price, but it left a complex screen, gesture-based navigation, Face ID, and the hypnotic processor A12. In addition, we've won a lot of other things like a really good battery life.

When we change Iphone XS Max to iPhone XR for a week, it will not even feel like a buy-back, despite a lower price. Now $ 9,995 is not at all cheap, but it's at least on the right side of the painful $ 10,000 limit, and the Iphone XS increase is 3,300. A big increase in prices means we should not reject the Iphone XR at all if we are looking for a new iPhone.

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Long-term Iphone XR Test

Cheaper – but almost without compromise

For example, the camera is very interesting. The sensor and wide-angle camera are exactly the same as Iphone XS and the same Smart HDR is available here. There is no dual camera available, so we do not have 2x optical zoom and enhanced digital zoom, but we still have a wide range of portrait mode with some pros and cons.

The downside is that we can still get portraits of people (and pets if Halide downloads). The advantage is that we can approach the person we are photographing because the portrait mode is completely based on the software (unlike the Iphone XS, which also uses the telecamera to assess the depth and need a greater distance).

The size of 6.1 inches places the phone between Iphone XS and Iphone XS Max in a strange way, but we love to feel in the hand. When Iphone XS Max is initially absolutely stunning and it takes us a couple of weeks to get used to it, Iphone XR feels quite right from the start.

Long-term Iphone XR Test

The screen is, by the way, one of the best LCDs we've seen. But lcd is still LCD. The sword is deep and pleasant compared to other LCD displays, but it's nothing against the Iphone XS screen. Should it be honest about how often we stand and compare the LCD and the oled screen side by side? We quickly forget that Iphone XR is a bit worse on this queue.

The screen margins are not as luxurious as the Iphone XS, somewhere the backlight that lcd technology requires is not enough space. But it's a luxury that we can really be without, the eye gets used to the Iphone XR fast and the edges do not feel too big. The matt aluminum frame around the screen also feels a bit cheaper. But again – a luxurious problem.

Hi, then 3D Touch

But what we do not miss is 3D Touch. We will not leave it as if Apple has removed the basic navigation method, such as multi touch. Here and there, 3D Touch makes it easy to open shortcuts on the application icon.

In addition, replacing the Haptic Touch is far from complete. For example, only IOS 12 functions where we hold the spacebar to move the cursor approximately every attempt. It's frustrating when it works so smoothly with 3D Touch.

But we hope Haptic Touch will be better, Apple has suggested that this feature will be improved and enhanced in the future. It will be necessary for more Iphone models to lose 3D Touch.

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However, the area where we are more satisfied is battery life. Of course, the more we increase the brightness, the sooner we turn off the battery, but it also applies to the Iphone XS. We will return with a separate battery test, but it seems that battery life is beneficial because the screen in the Iphone XR is so low.

Long-term Iphone XR Test

Well-chosen compromises

After a week with the Iphone XR, it is clear that it is a cheaper phone with so well-chosen compromises that they are almost unthinkable.


Of course, our Iphone XS Max is missing. But just because we have seen the grass on the other side for several weeks. Wild black and thin edges, steel frames, and a double camera, create Iphone XS they feel luxury, but in reality the difference is not huge. Oled displays are still generally unusual so anyone who buys an Iphone XR will barely sit and compare with an oled screen and spoil their own LCD screen.

Some well-chosen compromises mean that, despite the lower price, we get a phone that is not critical as a submerged model. Those who choose the Iphone XR will save a few thousand pieces but still get almost everything that makes the Iphone XS so good. This is the best model for iPhone for the overwhelming majority. The money you save can instead be placed in a luxury shell.

Iphone XR Facts

Good buytested: October / November 2018
Tested: Samuel Nyberg
manufacturers: apple
Chipset system: Apple A12 Bionic
processor: 2 Vortex 2.49 GHz, 4. Tempest
graphic arts: Graphics A12
memory: 3 GB
storage: 64/128/256 GB
display: 6.1 inches, 828 x 1792 pixels
camera: 12 megapixels with rear, 7 megapixels in front
connection: lightning
communication: 2g, 3g, 4g, 802.11a / b / g / n / ac (wifi 1-5), bluetooth 5.0, a-gps, galileo, nfc
Operating system: IOS 12
Other: Dual sim (standby), wireless charging (qi), waterproof (IP67), face recognition
battery: 2 hours 9 min, 7 h 5 min Web video (wifi), 13 h 30 min mixed use (4 g), approximately 22 h call (3 g)
dimensions: 15.1 x 7.6 x 0.8 cm
weight: 194 grams
Recommended price: 9,490 – 11,390 kr


Geekbench 4: 10 904 points
3dmark Ice Storm Unlimited: 77 238 points
3dmark Sling Shot Extreme: 3 525 points


Same cruel performance.
Stylish screen even at low resolution.
Cheaper, but not entirely noticeable.


Haptic Touch is not complete.
Not so luxurious in every detail.
Still expensive.

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