The fall deepened on Wall Street – oil and technology at the bottom

Wide decrease on the New York Stock Exchange, which took place on Friday. The S & P 500 S & P 500 closed 0.9 percent, while Dow Jones supported 0.8 percent. Nasdaq 100 declined by 1.7 percent.

Oil prices went down in the evening, Brent consumption fell below $ 70 a barrel and WTI dropped 1.4 percent to just over $ 59.9 a barrel. The American purchase price for the tenth consecutive day was the most accurate decline since 1983 at least according to UK financial times.

It made an impression in the energy sector, where Baker Hughes oil service supported 4.6 percent, while sector colleague Schlumberger fell by 2 percent. Just as in Europe earlier, other commodity stock also declined weakly, including Freeport-Mcmoran's free mining giant, which fell by 4.7 percent.

Several power companies were found on the S & P 500 floor after the fires in California caused major power outages. Pacific Gas & Electric dropped 16.6 percent, while Edison International's sector counterpart supported 12 percent.

GE ended the day with a 5.6 percent drop after JP Morgan lowered the stock price by $ 10 to $ 6 in a negative analysis.

Also, the press came from a significant decline in the technology sector, although declines were moderately mitigated during the last trading hours. Apple and Amazon traded at 1.9 and 2.4 percent. Netflix declined even further by 4.6 percent. Alphabet declined by 1.4 percent, while Facebook fell by 1.8 percent.

From a hardware standpoint, Nvidia managed to cut 0.2 percent less, but Qualcomm's sector counterpart continued to decline and trade by 2.3 percent. Skyworks Solutions company dropped 8.1 percent on a weak quarterly report.

Hryzice Activision Blizzard continued the matter after a weak interim report submitted after Thursday's closing. Shares ended 12.4 percent.

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