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The Gävleborg region chooses the boards – Voister

– In the Gävleborg area, we are working on a test to get out of the stables in the Ipads for cars. In this way, we are following three steps, as we do today. This means that management missions will be quicker for departments, "says Cathrin Dahlström, block manager at Gävleborg.

Today we have an hour set and we estimate it 30-45 minutes.

Cathrin Dahlström
, Head of Unit in the Gävleborg Region

– At this time, please contact customer support, FM support, which sends a job order to our Landlord real estate system. The order is made at the customer service of the cleaning contractor, who then sends the job to the cleaning facility. By sending stubs directly to the board, we can pass these members. Today we have an hour of installation time and we estimate it with 30-45 minutes with a new solution.

Tell us about your patient transport project.

– Today we are in the network spider service network on offer. We have phoneists who receive all the offers and notes for the hand that the patient will be loaded. This would happen automatically with the patient routing program, where carriers will get their hands on the handheld. It would also save a lot of time.

Is it difficult to prioritize?

– No, it is good to work in parallel with several projects. These are the opportunities we watched last year, based on discussions on what our employees and our departments would provide the most. In this way, we have found the areas we are currently working on.

What challenges persist?

"With a routing program, it's a technique, and today we do not want to buy anything that needs to be changed tomorrow, if we stick to the place, we can go on with another one, for example, labeling bedding, where they were repaired, and simplifies the monitoring of infections in case of infection or the like. We perform similar monitoring on our wheelchairs, which is a great pleasure for us.

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