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The largest digital festival in the world is coming to Jönköping

"In Sweden it's cold, stay inside and play". With this call, organizers of DreamHack LAN are welcome in Jönköping for participants from all over the world. It is time for DreamHack Winter and this year 50,000 visitors and over 18,000 unique facilities will join the network.

The 16th DreamHack Winter is hosted by Elmia. In four days the huge festival will be opened continuously and it is estimated that 50,000 visitors will come to Elmie these days.

DreamHack began as a small comrade hit in the basement at Malung's elementary school in the early 1990s, but quickly grew to something much larger and is now the largest computer festival in the world. DreamHack also has the official world record as the world's largest LAN in the Guinness Book of Records.

In Jönköping, the event takes place in the form of two festivals, DreamHack Summer and DreamHack Winter.

Now on Friday, 30/11, it's time for the winter edition. It is expected that more than 18,000 unique devices will be connected to the network. In addition to e-sports and playing games that are at the heart of the festival, there will be many other activities such as live music, expo, talent show and live stream.

""DreamHack is constantly evolving and this year's winter edition is something special! We offer world-class esports, a massive game expo, from independent developers to big companies, cosplay and, of course, the world-renowned DreamHack Network."Tomas Lyckedal, Head of DreamHack.


DreamHack has been hosting digital festivals in Elmia in Jönköping since 2001 and today is the largest digital festival in the world with visitors from around the world. The development of the festival was amazing due to several recordings of visitors, continuous recordings and continuous development of the festival's activities.

"- We are, of course, very pleased that DreamHack is still choosing Jönköping and that we can continue to develop the event together. DreamHack and its audience are trending in the future and we are very proud to call Jönköping DreamHack" Johan Fritz, City Council of Jönköping.

Jönköping AB will increase the geographic location of the Jönköping municipality's attractiveness and will generate growth by bringing more temporary visitors to the Jönköping village in the field of tourism, events and meetings / congresses

Destination Jönköping AB is a generally owned municipal company with 20 employees.

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