The man fired at Mobilia in Malmö

The young man was shot dead at a shopping mall in Malmö on Thursday night.

"He is seriously injured," said Mikael Lind, a responsible police officer.

The police got their first record of shooting at 01.44.

"There were several callers from different parts of Malmö and later we could find a scene in a car park outside Mobilia at Burger King," says Mikael Lind.

The injured man, aged 20, was taken to a hospital in a private car.

"He was conscious, but he was seriously injured because he was shot," said Mikael Lind.

After shooting, no one is arrested. The police were blocked for investigations at the investigation site. According to Aftonbladet, a car was also investigated and transported to the hospital.

Police advice: You should do so if you hear shooting 00:37

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