The owners of Karo Pharmas should answer Lönner

Anders Lönner, chairman and principal owner of Karo Pharma, was previously charged with submitting his own interests to other shareholders.

For example, it guarantees new issues and lends money to the company for non-market prices.

His rescue has always been an excellent trader that attracts new shareholders. Anders Lönner built the Meda pharmaceutical company for great success, which was later sold to US Mylan for SEK 62 billion.

Now, along with the board, they recommend other owners to thank EQT for Karo Pharma. It's weird, because it would be like selling Honey when the company just started to grow and stabilize its economy. Because there is Karo Pharma, in a situation where the risk has decreased and the potential has just begun to materialize. In addition, business is not cyclically sensitive.

In recent years, the company has focused on pre-clinical research related to capital and specialized drugs and the development of products approaching the introduction of the market. For example, Karo Pharma is the best-selling pill distributor and strong brand name for Citodon prescription painkillers.

Why would Lönner, like other investors, have reasonably seen the opportunity to make a new Med by Karo Pharma, selling the company at a lower price? He's too good a trader to do it. So what's the question of his leadership?

Part of the answer may be that the suspect is being prosecuted from gross initiation. In February, the trial will begin and, if judged by Anders Lönner, may have a ban on nutrition. Then Karo Pharma protrudes without his supreme leader and the course is likely to collapse. At the same time, however, it means that the second council has not grasped its duty to let him go, instead of getting a replacement for the chairman.

For Lönner, a personal free speech means that EQT may leave him at the Karo Pharma Board off the stock market. It can then participate in a continuing growth path with limited risk.

Other owners, especially institutions such as Catella and Swedbank, should ask members to explain why they think the 6 billion Swedish crowns are well paid to the emerging society to bloom.

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