The village reports attention to attention

The site writes on its website that a total of twelve purchases took place between November 2014 and 2016. All payments have been canceled and deliveries have been permanently terminated.

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Commander Jan Holmqvist raised a question on the city council on Monday and reported on what had happened after it happened, so something like that should not be relied upon.

"We looked at our orders, how they were ordered, and so we completely changed the buying process. Already in 2016, politicians and officials met to discuss the problem and then take steps that forbid to buy from the activities of such mediation .

The Sävsjös kommunchef, Jan Holmqvist, received purchases of glaciers and towels at the municipal council on Monday.
Photo: Caj Source Ore

The website also states that they have also signed up for a service that performs automated checks when paying suppliers and company invoices.

"Among other things, searching for registers identifying companies on the so-called alert list, the system also checks that the same invoice is not paid several times, if the suspected fraud is detected, the financial department is informed of it and can take the necessary steps. other fraudulent search. "

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It is further added that "both the ice melt and the cleaners were of such quality that they could be used in the business as intended", but prices were higher than the corresponding products usually.

The magazine has previously written about how the village buys bluff companies and since then has commissioned review programs, has begun in recent years a separate overview of the municipality's purchases. If you know something that can contribute to this, we'd like to get tips.

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