Treatment with Astra Zeneca is recommended for the treatment of cancer

The NAC Council has been entrusted by the county council to issue recommendations on the use of some new drugs. Immunity or durvalumab was approved early this fall and can be used to treat adults with locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer that can not be operated but have not spread to the body.

The effects of treatment on the drug are considered mild, but it is up to district councils and regions to decide whether to introduce it as a treatment method.

The common form of cancer

The drug is administered intravenously for one hour every two weeks during the treatment period. It is estimated that the cost of the patient is CZK 96,000 per month.

By 2016, nearly 4,000 Swedes had been diagnosed with lung cancer. It is the sixth most common form of cancer in Sweden, the most common cause of cancer deaths. AstraZeneca writes in a press release.

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