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Uber X stopped in Barcelona

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Uber, one of the most popular taxis in the world, is now experiencing problems in one of the most popular tourist towns in the world.
One of their most frequently used services is closed in Catalonia due to a new law.
"I'll see you later in Barcelona," the company said in a statement.

The Catalan Parliament has decided that the taxi service from now on must reserve 15 minutes before departure, says The Independent.

This means that one of Uber's most popular services, Uber X, one of the cheapest price ranges, is forced to close in Barcelona.

On his Spanish website, Uber confirmed in his statement, "Later in Barcelona," that he will no longer be able to use the service in a popular tourist city:

"Due to the restrictions on the taxi services approved by the Catalan Parliament, we have to cancel the UberX service in Barcelona."

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Big protests against Uber in Madrid and Barcelona.

Risk of high fines

"The requirement to wait 15 minutes for a taxi service does not exist anywhere in Europe and is completely incompatible with the demand for on-demand services such as UberX," the statement continues.

Under the new rules, taxis do not prove to prospective customers where the car is on booking.

If a driver violates the new rules, one risks a fine of SEK 14,530, CNBC writes.

The new rules will also apply to Cabrio's own Cabrio in Spain, which has a million users in Barcelona.

UberX has been in Barcelona since March 2018 and its presence has not been appreciated by local taxi drivers who consider the service to be unfair competition.

New taxi regulations are preceded by strong demonstrations already held in January by taxi drivers who protested in the yellow vests against Uber and similar services in Madrid and Barcelona.

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