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Again: The car escapes from the Staffelegg route and turns several times – Aarau – Aargau

One might think the Cantonese police have sent a media report twice, but not: Staffeleggstrasse has been an accident on two consecutive days, just a few hundred meters apart, starting at Densbüren.

Shortly after 16:30 on Monday afternoon, Macedonian (26) traveled to the "strong gray BMW" – Kapo – when he lost control of his car and stepped out of the way.

And yesterday he met Germany (37) with his VW Polo similar to fate: At noon he left the pass that was coming too quickly in a tight right turn and lost control of his car. He first bounced against the stone baskets on the right side of the road and threw him down the street and the waterfront.

After a few overturns, the car stopped 30 meters below the road. Once the vehicles (and the stone baskets) were damaged, the drivers were unhappy.

In rapid motion: a trip over the Staffeleggstrasse at a double speed

In rapid motion: a trip over the Staffeleggstrasse at a double speed

Thousands of accidents

It is far from the first accidents that took place this year at Staffeleggstrasse. The Cantonese police report about a dozen reported accidents in their magazine (for the whole road from Densbüren to the roundabout in Horen, Küttigen).

After all, this year – unlike previous years – he was not seriously injured or even dead.
Is cantonal road a random area of ​​gravity? Compared to other cities outside the city, says Bernhard Graser, spokesman for the Aargau cantonal police. "The fact that two similar accidents happened in two consecutive days is accidental, but it fits into the picture."

Spokesman Kapo points out various factors that lead to a "quite impressive number" of accidents at Staffeleggstrasse (which is the main street in Densbüren village). Firstly, there is a high volume of traffic that substantially increases the likelihood of accidents. In the winter months there are also accidents on snow and black ice (620 m above sea level).

"The fact that it is an extremely fast suburban railway increases the consequences of an accident," continues Graser. Except for the height of the passage and the Asp branch, where up to 60 runs are allowed, the speed limit on the passageway is 80 km / h. "Even if it is well developed, the off-level track has a speeding position on both sides," continues Graser.

These included the so-called Brünneli curve on the south side (direction Küttigen) and a prominent right hand on the north side (Densbüren direction). "Because drivers underestimate these curves and are therefore too fast, accidents are repeated."

In addition, there are many sloping slopes on many stretches – "If cars are out of the road, changing clothes is usually programmed." This also happened during the Tuesday afternoon accident.

20 March 2018 caused a new incoming accident when overtaking a lorry. It also happens from time to time: "Somewhat steep tracks are slowing up steadily rising trucks, which sometimes drives motorists to a brave maneuver of overtaking," says Bernhard Graser.

In addition, a well-developed mountain route attracts some drivers into a "sporty" style of riding, which increases the risk of accidents and also repeatedly causes self-harm.

Only half a month ago, police picked up four vehicle drivers and two high-speed motorcyclists on the Staffeleggstrasse on Sunday afternoon for their driving license to be taken on the spot: the controversial record of the motorcycle was 168 km / h.

8.1.2017: "Tragic accident," said Roland Pfister, spokesman for the Aargau cantonal police, still at the scene of an accident over the Tele M1.

Does he need action?

However, the Canton does not intend to reduce speed limits. But in the area of ​​the emergency scene, in the last few days, it has reviewed the modifications: "The Department of Building, Transport and Environment currently explains whether Brunnematt curves are needed," said Simone Britschgi, a spokeswoman for the department. Of course, the analysis of the cause of the crash, which is carried out with the cantonal police, also comes to these clarifications. "

The police are still looking for eyewitnesses of the crash on Monday with BMW on the hill (tel .: 062 886 88 88). "There is evidence that a young motorist had overtaken two cars before," said Kapo Graser spokesman. "The investigations are still in full swing."

Police photos from November:

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